Create Thoughtful Question Chapter 19 Dying At H

Create Thoughtful Question Chapter 19 Dying At H

Create Thoughtful Question Chapter 19 Dying At H

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Dying at Home: The Role of Family Caregivers

The research cited by Morris et al. (2015) identifies both positive and negative aspects of caring for a dying family member at home.

  • List some of these positive and negative aspects.
  • When considering the negative aspects, what types of support might the caregivers need?
  • The authors call for “further research … to explore the issues faced by family members caring for a dying person at home and the impact this has on the home space.” In response to their call, what specific research question would you want to explore? Why?
  • Discuss the cultural implications surrounding this topic.

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Britney Blackmon

Support for caregivers

The process of aging is difficult, especially once the transition of life approaches. Baby boomers are an example of a population that is often referred to when discussing aging and also being a caregiver. This age group typically has entered retirement age and is either still working or caring for an older parent, or both. The challenge for caregivers is taking care of themselves, older children, and their parents. The transition from life to death is emotionally and physically draining. A number of family carers felt the home space was changed as a result of being the setting for end-of-life care (Morris, et al., 2015). As the home environment seems like a comfortable transition space, how can the caregiver (carer) receive the emotional, physical, and social support necessary to remain helpful and healthy?

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