Different Businesses Relate Somehow Week 4 Discus

Different Businesses Relate Somehow Week 4 Discus

Different Businesses Relate Somehow Week 4 Discus

Week 4 Discussion – The Value of Corporate Identity

Learning Objectives Covered

  1. Define the importance of designing a logo and corporate identity for a variety of formats and delivery platforms



As has been noted throughout this course, although the design of a
logo is a key element in communicating the values and character of a
company to a wider audience, a comprehensive identity system, and
structure backing up the logo is equally important to ensure that the
company presents a consistent image through a variety of elements.
Whether on a store, a restaurant, or a sign, an audience will always
encounter a logo within the context of something larger thus it is vital
to provide clear direction to keep the visual experience cohesive.
Consistency is at the heart of identity systems.

Corporate identity systems became widespread in the latter part of
the twentieth century. As corporations began to diversify the scope of
their services, it became important to find a way to visually represent
and translate the look and feel of the parent company over a variety of
diverse elements. Today a corporate identity system is developed soon
after the development of a logo. In addition to considering how physical
artifacts (vehicles, clothing, packaging, etc.) might embrace and
extend the look of the logo, it is beneficial to consider how the logo
should be extended digitally (websites, social media, apps, etc.).
Though developing an identity system creates another step in the design
process, ultimately it is beneficial because it ensures that the company
image remains strong and unique.


For this discussion, imagine you have been hired to create a logo for
a fishing and boat rental business. At your first meeting, they reveal
that in addition to leading guided fishing trips and renting boats they
also have dinner cruises, own a boat storage facility, operate three
bait and tackle shops, and are in the final stages of developing their
own line of nautical rain gear and outerwear. When you ask them if all
of these different businesses relate somehow visually they respond by
saying that they never really thought about establishing a cohesive
identity and inquire more about what might be involved.

After learning all you have this mod regarding logo and identity
design, how might you respond to this client regarding the importance of
establishing a cohesive identity? What are the benefits for them in
having not just a logo but also a whole identity system? How would you
explain how your own design process would shift if you were designing an
identity system versus a single logo? What elements could they expect
you to deliver? Conversely, how might it impact pricing and timelines?

For your citation, you might use articles that show examples of how a
cohesive corporate identity system leads to better consumer loyalty.
You can also find articles from experts that suggest how to best engage
in project discussion and negotiation with clients when engaged in
graphic design projects.

Your initial and reply posts should work to develop a group
understanding of this topic. Challenge each other. Build on each other.
Always be respectful but discuss this and figure it out together.