MUS327 Field Research Project

MUS327 Field Research Project

MUS327 Field Research Project

MUS327 Field Research Project

MUS327 Field Research Project

You will be submitting a 5-page (1,200-word) research paper on a “local” music practice, artist, or performer from within your community (see text pp. 365-366). You will choose the subject. Given the realities of COVID-19, I am defining “local” and “community” to include not only your physical surroundings, but also your family traditions, relatives, cultural background, friends, neighbors, or the broader world of online performances and playlists (i.e., youtube).

You will then prepare a 5-page (1,200-word) a paper introducing us to the practice and performers. Your paper will include research on the genre itself, and a detailed review of a spotlight performance or performer.

The first part of your paper will include the history and research about the genre.

The second half will introduce us to a particular performance, performer, scene, or event.

Your paper should be written in complete sentences and should describe your subject’s musical style, history, influence, plans, repertoire and your personal comments. A recording, photograph or other non-verbal documentation is required.

Rubric is attached:

Research Project Grading Rubric (.66 point each)

Project Definition

Definition of scope (performer(s), genre, performance, scene)

Your relationship with subject/topic

Cultural association/identity of music, genre, or scene

Region or other community of practice

Inclusion of cited sources for above information


History of genre or practice

Analysis of importance of genre or practice to its associated community

Inclusion of cited sources for above information

Your analysis or interpretation of the practice in general

Reflections of importance of genre or practice to YOU, personally

Biography/History of chosen performer, performance, event, album, or other specific practice


Specific information about the performance, event, or performer in question (date of performance, length, participants/contents)

Backstory/context for event or release about it

Inclusion of cited sources for above information

Media, websites, or other context-setting materials surrounding the performance or event

Your personal interaction with or discovery of event or performance

Your reflections on the context surrounding the performance or your interaction with it


Songs played

Audience response (youtube comments are fine)

Embedded samples of videos or recordings

Other people’s responses or reactions

Your reflections on performance/event

Tie to class material

Connect the performance/genre to at least three practices learned about in class (.66 each)

Describe the specific connection to each practice

Cite page numbers and/or recording tracks from the text and CD to support your connections

Reflect on those connections. Why might they be?

Writing Standards

organization, coherence, grammar, punctuation

1,200 words


Locke, J.T.T.T.J.C. D. (2010). Worlds of Music: An Introduction to the Music of the World’s Peoples, Shorter Version.