Selling One University Of Central Arkansas Func

Selling One University Of Central Arkansas Func

Selling One University Of Central Arkansas Func

Your writing should present your critical reading and thinking, argument identification and evaluation of evidence. The systematic thinking with realistic goals and practical implementation should be presented in your writing. The essay will be graded on: 1) your own position, personal insight/views, 2) statement/discussion of arguments, reasons, proofs and evidence from the factual information, 3) analytical and systematic thinking, 4) conclusion, and 5) mechanics and APA format.

Question 1

1.1 What are the primary functional areas of a business area and their activities? How do these functional areas impact on strategy formulation and positional the firm? Explain.

1.2 Comment on this statement and explain the functional areas of enterprise and their roles:
The way to compete on cost, speed, quality, and flexibility might not be sustainable unless the supported operating systems are configured and managed effectively.

Question 2

Referring to 2 handouts posted in Supplement area in Unit 3: Lean Six Sigma and the Environment, answering the following questions.

2.1 What might be the ways that environmental professionals can improve results by leveraging LSS efforts?

2.2 Provide at least 3 companies and their environmental benefits from Lean.

2.3 What are some environmental blind spots of Lean? (explain at least 2 blind spots with examples).

Question 3

3.1 If you have to convince the companies of the value of Lean and environment, what could be suggestions on how to talk to the companies?

3.2 What could be common pitfalls when environmental professionals engage with Lean?

Question 4

Some have suggested that quality initiatives such as Lean concepts, TQM, Kaizen, Six Sigma, and others have a definite life cycle; maybe five years or so before the term of the day starts to lose its appeal. The initiatives that survive seem to be more than just a methodology for increasing quality, they are also management philosophies.If you were in charge of ‘selling’ one of the quality initiatives to a company in need, which would you choose, and how would you defend your choice.