Times New Roman Psy 364 University Of Arizona Hum

Times New Roman Psy 364 University Of Arizona Hum

Times New Roman Psy 364 University Of Arizona Hum

Hello, below is the prompt for an essay I must complete by the early morning of Dec. 9th. I know it is super late notice, so i need someone who would help me fast with quality work. Once I find a tutor I will pick a topic and provide some notes.

Using the topics and theories you’ve learned throughout the course, please write a four (4) – paged paper (double spaced, 12 size font, Times New Roman, APA format and references/citations) answering the following parts:

1. Pick a society or culture that you either are personally familiar with (i.e. your own culture) or are interested in learning more about – once you have researched the society or culture, begin by addressing what is unique to them considering their views and practices towards sexuality (topics covered in the course, chapters 1-11).

*Note: If you would like to write about society/culture within the United States, that is fine, but you must find references to back your personal interpretation and it would be more interesting if you could refine it to a specific subculture (i.e. Mexican-American culture, Amish culture, etc.).

2. How are the psychological, cultural/societal, and biological/evolutionary influences (learned in Chapter 1) interacting with each other in this society or culture?

  • Do you believe they’re correlated to and directly influencing each other (i.e. a biological factor, such as the drive to have sex due to hormonal changes brought on by puberty, is suppressed by the cultural norm(s), for example, those of Catholicism)?
  • When proposing interactions, consider the topics covered throughout the textbook, lectures, and assigned articles (primarily chapters 1-11, but chapters 12-14 can be used if you have time to incorporate them before the deadline). Some topics that can be incorporated are (but are not limited to) STI transmission, contraception, relationships (ch. 8), perspectives of attractiveness, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, sexual behaviors, etc…

3. You’ve just proposed interactions between variables (part 2) that are based on observations in the real world (part 1). Design a study to test the most compelling interaction you’ve just theorized as part of part 2.

  • What may be some limitations? Consider the strengths and limitations of nonexperimental (correlational research) and experimental (research that infers causation).
  • Which method may be better considering your hypotheses and why?