Writing Assignmentchoose Two Artists Arts 1301 Hc

Writing Assignmentchoose Two Artists Arts 1301 Hc

Writing Assignmentchoose Two Artists Arts 1301 Hc

Writing Assignment

Choose two artists discussed in your textbook that you find interesting and that you would like to know more about. You will research these artists online and write a paper following the template below. Choose a major work by each artist. You will discuss the Form (how it looks), Context (who made it including their history and cultural perspective), and Content (the subject as well as the meaning) of each work.

Start you paper with a vivid description of the work. Discuss it in terms of the Elements of Art as we learned them in the textbook. Answer questions such as: How big is it? What is it made of? How does the artist employ line, texture, value, shape, color and light? Also discuss the work in terms of the Principles of Design including balance, emphasis or focal point, scale and proportion, unity/variety, and repetition and rhythm.

Then you will discuss briefly the Content of the work. At the most basic level Content includes the subject matter. At a deeper level, something of the intended meaning would be included.You have to research that.

Up to a third of your 1,000 words per artist should be made up from Context. When was the piece made? What was going on at that time that affected the making of the work? Who made it? What was the dominant style of the work? Or, how did the work fir in with the dominant styles in play at the time of its creation?

Write at least 1000 words for each artist you have chosen. This is not a formal research paper so you do not need to include citations. I want to see your own thoughts and words so do not copy passages from references (these would not answer the above questions anyway), rather

Tell me in your own words how the artist has employed the Elements of Art and Principles of Design as laid out in your text.

Your paper must be at least 2000 words

The artist I chose were Frida Kahlo, Andy Goldsworthy, Judy (Judith) Baca.

But whoever you choose will work as well