1 Page Cover Letter Future University In Egypt Pr

1 Page Cover Letter Future University In Egypt Pr

1 Page Cover Letter Future University In Egypt Pr

Rhet101 Introduction to Rhetoric

Assignment #4 Reflective Essay

This assignment consists of two parts:

Part One – Cover letter that introduces your portfolio and what is in it.

We will write this cover letter together in class in the form of a proposal letter, directed to either a graduate school admissions committee or a potential employer. The letter will explain how the portfolio represents your rhetorical skills and why this makes you a good candidate for the graduate program or job position they have available.

Part Two – a reflective essay that evaluates one of the papers you have written in this class.

The purpose of this reflective essay is:

for students to develop a system of self-evaluation that will assist them in their skills to write better papers in the future

to examine their progress during the first semester at XXX University.

Where were you as a writer in the beginning of this semester? Where are you now? If you feel that you have made progress in learning how to write college papers, what were the steps that helped you? If you feel that you did not make enough progress, what do you think would be a help in the future?

Step 1) For this assignment you will choose one of the first three papers that you wrote in this class and analyze it according to the rhetorical situation strategies that we have been studying throughout the semester:





*Consider whether the audience might be wider than just your instructor. Do you feel that your paper has something meaningful to offer to others? Would you consider publishing it in an undergraduate research publication?

Step 2) You should also consider your progress through the five step writing process that we learned. What parts of the process seemed natural and easy? What parts of the process felt awkward or did not help you in putting your essay together?

Brain storming


Rough draft

Peer edit

Revise for final draft

Step 3) Organization:

Introduction – tell the reader something about your general writing experience in your first semester.

Discuss your thoughts about the

And introduce the paper you are evaluating. What is the title? What kind of essay is it? What is the subject?

body paragraphs:

Explain how this paper fulfills the rhetorical situations strategies we learned

Discuss the progress of this paper from brainstorming, to outline to rough draft, peer edit, and final draft. Explain how the peer edit comments helped or not. Write about your reaction to your instructor’s comments on your rough draft and how they affected your writing of your final draft.


Restatement of thesis and summary – Did learning this system provide you with a process that gives you confidence in approaching a college writing project?

After looking over your papers and choosing this one to represent your body of work, what do you feel are your strengths and weaknesses and what do you hope to improve on in Rhet 102?

Portfolio Requirements:

Part I, Cover letter: Length one page

Part II Reflective Essay Length: 2 pages plus 1 cover (total of 3 pages); 12 pt. font, no more t than one inch margins – double-spaced.

Writing: you will be graded on spelling, punctuation, grammar and proofreading

Total number of pages: 4 (1 page cover letter – 2 page essay plus 1 cover page)