1 Person Got Significantly Business Law And Ethi

1 Person Got Significantly Business Law And Ethi

1 Person Got Significantly Business Law And Ethi

What is common law and how is it created?

What are statutes and how do statutes originate?

What is the difference between criminal law and civil law?

What is the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor?

Identify and briefly describe the different parts of a trial.?

What are the elements of the tort of negligence?

Multiple choice

While some firms engage in behavior that is unethical; making a habit of this behavior is:

a. berserk

b. not a good long-term business strategy

c. never done

d. not good on the very short term

In dealing with business ethics, we cannot ignore that _______ control what the firm does:

a. bylaws

b. the securities and exchange commission

c. the better business bureau

d. people

A lot of our moral standards were incorporated into the law because:

a. many believe that these standards should be enforced by legal penalties

b. 1 person got significantly hurt by the government

c. one country set the example for true pattern

d. neither answer nor application has been effective.

Sexism is morally wrong in the U.S. but accepted in some foreign business environments:

a. false

b. neither true nor false

c. talking loud is accepted

d. true.

Damon. W, found that mid-adolescence is when:

a. morality turns into a dominant characteristic

b. obscurity and doubt begin

c. valuable beliefs of self appropriation begin

d. self reliance begins

Which of the following is a personal moral standard:

a. problems

b. negligence

c. exceptions

d. credit rating

The fourth step that leads to behavior that is ethical is:

a. reasoning

b. compassion

c. legitimacy

d. to carry out the decision

Firms with an ethical culture that is strong:

a. have an ease in determining what is right

b. have a variety of multiculturally appropriated mergers.

c. do not exist

d. can be built in as little as 2 years.

Which is not a condition of moral responsibility:

a. Accuracy

b. causality

c. knowledge

d. freedom

uncertainty helps mitigate :

a. moral responsibility for wrong or factor

b. dark waters in life

c. deciding right vs wrong

d. ethical synchronicity