15 Page Senior Hs465 Asu Adjuvant Systemic Thera

15 Page Senior Hs465 Asu Adjuvant Systemic Thera

15 Page Senior Hs465 Asu Adjuvant Systemic Thera

Needing very detailed Abstract outline on this subject with Introduction , key bullet points describing the body of the paper and conclusion. Also reference page the consist of 10 references. Use google scholar for this and paper and Athens state library on line.

The Senior Research Paper Requirements” are as follows:utilize at least eight outside sources or one of your course textbooks and at least seven outside sources when preparing the well-researched 12-15 page “Senior Paper” (12-15 pages of text, #12 font, double-space, and normal margin width) that focuses on the area or areas of deficiencies, as detected by comprehensive exit exam.Students are required to cite, in the body of the paper, outside sources and provide a bibliography from reputable academic sources (be sure to exclude any encyclopedia-type sources and opinion-based internet web-site sources).

****EXTREMELY IMPORTANT INFORMATION – Your research outline and senior research paper should focus on research studies (articles) that address the following items and then be sure to thoroughly address the following key research components:research study design and research methodology utilized in the key research studies, treatment vs. control groups (when appropriate), subject selection process, case-control study design (when appropriate), longitudinal vs. retrospective study design (when appropriate), study findings and results, study conclusions and ramifications, etc.In addition, a successful research outline and senior research paper will be closely connected to your ability to compare and contrast (i. e., weaving the similarities and differences between research studies throughout your outline and paper) the various research studies, thus providing your interpretation of the findings from the research articles throughout your outline and paper.

The papers should focus on the following three key aspects:

1) Opening paragraphs should include the overview or summary of key concepts – thus the introduction should be clear and complete and should identify and describe the essential items that will be addressed in the paper

2) Body of the report to include:

-identify specific issues and concepts and respond in your own words to each

-use citations when appropriate

-thoroughly address each of the paper’s essential items

-deal with these issues and concepts in a thoughtful and logical manner

3) Concluding paragraphs should focus on summaries of the key issues and concepts identified in the text

In addition, when writing the paper please adhere to these key academic integrity issues:

-When taking information directly from the text utilize quotation marks and identify the author, date, and page number of the quote.

-All source citations are to appear in the reference list and all references must be cited in the body of the paper.

-Use quotes only sparingly

-Respond to key text issues and concepts by using your own words

-Footnote and endnote references when appropriate

-Utilize one of the following manuscript styles:APA, MLA, Chicago Manual of Style, or Turabian; Indicate on your cover page the manuscript style that you utilized.

-All acts of academic dishonesty constitute academic misconduct which represents unethical behavior and may result in a failing grade