19 Related Job Psc 101 Csn The Economic Crisis U

19 Related Job Psc 101 Csn The Economic Crisis U

19 Related Job Psc 101 Csn The Economic Crisis U

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Q: The economic crisis under the Covid crisis

OK, everyone. This is a big topic.

Consider the 2020 economic crisis which has negatively affected so many people. What caused it? Crisis for who? How have people been affected? Who are the winners and losers under this particular crisis?

Be sure to do some serious research. Cite specific material. Offer full/complete sources.


Again, no “partisan hats” belong in here. Deal with reality as it has presented itself, even if your party or ideology has trouble accepting uncomfortable truths (we all have to deal with uncomfortable truths). Just try to learn from research, and learn from each other.

Here is classmate’s posting from question. Please reply in 1st person point of view.

Classmate’s post

The origin of Covid-19 is something almost everyone knows by know, whether it be because they read it in an article, saw it on the news, or simply heard it from the mouth of our very own President, as he loves to call it the “Chinese virus.” Although 30 percent of Americans believe that the economy is fine, according to an article by Anneken Tappe from CNN Business, it indeed is not fine. Quite the opposite, in fact. Like many countries, the US is suffering an economic crisis due to the negligence and lies of the President who refused to express the gravity of the situation and instead opted to hide the seriousness of the pandemic that was to come. Many followed his word and believed him when he said that the virus was kept under control from the start and would not be a problem. Then, when the people began to see there might be a problem, he essentially told the crowd that the virus would not get any worse. That was a lie. When the truth could be kept hidden anymore, the President told the people that his efforts to downplay the issue was to not scare the people. Sadly, his attempts to keep the people calm lead to a false sense of security that may or may not have caused avoidable deaths. For the many who have lived through the pandemic so far, it isn’t much easier. “COVID-19–related job losses wiped out 113 straight months of job growth, with total nonfarm employment falling by 20.5 million jobs in April. The COVID-19 pandemic and associated economic shutdown created a crisis for all workers, but the impact was greater for women, non-white workers, lower-wage earners, and those with less education (Lauren Bauer).” These numbers are from back in April. The situation hasn’t improved much since then now that we’re in mid-November. Overall, this situation we’re in could have been lighten somewhat had the people been properly warned of the incoming pandemic and had the government taken appropriate measures to combat it sooner.

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