20 Nature Writing Question

20 Nature Writing Question

20 Nature Writing Question


Please Read all the Requirements carefully.

This 3-4 page paper should be an attempt to create nature writing and should be a
discussion of your personal relationship with nature, how you developed that relationship, how it’s
changed during the course, or any other appropriate approach. Remember nature writing is about
the beauty of the science in nature. This paper is going to talk about 2 topics and its why I like nature.

Topic1: I like nature because of the all the the different seasons it has for us, talk about every season and all the fun activities you can do in every season and how every season feels like a new life and new start to everything. example: talk about how in the spring you can enjoy the nice weather with bonfires, how the flowers and plants start to grow, and etc. In the summer how Its hot weather that perfect time for tanning swimming and going on vacations. In the fall talk about how the leaves start to fall and it gives that beautiful nature look and all the activities like football season and haunted houses. and in the winter how you stay warm drink hot coffee and relax. Make Sure to always take all this back to why you like nature that is the main topic!!!

Topic 2: Talk about how whenever I have so much in mind from school, work, or any thing on my mind thats bothering me. How i always go back to nature to get the comfort feeling by just sitting outside when its nice and walking between the trees and sitting down surrounded by nature gives you so much comfort and why nature is so important to me and also how I love animals and how I find it so beautiful. ELABORATE A LOT ON THAT!

Also you would have to pick one reading and ONLY ONE READING to relate it back to the whole paper

Here is the list of all the readings just make sure you pick one of them and relate it to this paper.