8.4 – Assignment: Filing Articles of Incorporation 

8.4 – Assignment: Filing Articles of Incorporation 

8.4 - Assignment: Filing Articles of Incorporation 

8.4 - Assignment: Filing Articles of Incorporation 

8.4 – Assignment: Filing Articles of Incorporation 

Sally’s Request

Sally texts you, “I understand that we need to file the Articles of Incorporation. What exactly are they?”  You explain, “The articles of incorporation are just a set of documents filed with the government to legally document the creation of a corporation. It asks for general information about the corporation, such as the business’s name and location.”

For more information, see: Articles of Incorporation: What New Business Owners Should Know (Business News Daily)Links to an external site.

Download and complete the following document: Instructions For a Profit Corporation (DOCX).Download Instructions For a Profit Corporation (DOCX).Perform your due diligence and review the official requirements for completing the Articles of Incorporation. Use the information provided in the Sally case study and your business plan information to populate the Articles of Incorporation. Where information is not available, develop answers based on the facts.

Here is some information about each of the articles:

  • Article I: The corporation’s name must include a corporate suffix such as Corporation, Corp., Incorporated, Inc., Company, or Co. A Professional Association must contain the word “chartered” or “professional association” or “P.A.”
  • Article II: The principal place of business and mailing address of the corporation. The principal address must be a street address. The mailing address, if different, can be a P.O. Box address.
  • Article III: Specific purpose for a “Professional corporation”
  • Article IV: The number of shares of stock that this corporation is authorized must be stated.
  • Article V: The names, addresses, and titles of the directors/officers (optional). The names of officers/directors may be required to apply for a license, open a bank account, etc.
  • Article VI: The initial registered agent’s name and Florida street address (P.O. Box NOT acceptable). The registered agent must sign in the space provided and type or print their name, accepting the designation as a registered agent.
  • Article VII: The name and address of the incorporator. The incorporator must sign in the space provided and type or print their name below the signature.

The “incorporator” is the person who prepares and signs the Articles of Incorporation and then submits them for filing to the Division of Corporations. The function of the incorporator usually ends after the corporation is filed.

An effective date: Add a separate article if applicable or necessary. An effective date may be added to the Articles of Incorporation; otherwise, the date of receipt will be the filing date. (An effective date cannot be more than five (5) days prior to the date of receipt or ninety (90) days after the date of filing). If a corporation is filed prior to December 31st, an annual report will be due on January 1st.

Submission Instructions

Upload the following document:

Articles of Incorporation


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