Abstract ½ Page Regent University Week 8 Interna

Abstract ½ Page Regent University Week 8 Interna

Abstract ½ Page Regent University Week 8 Interna

Assignment Instructions:

Using materials drawn from the course readings and previous assignments, students are divided into teams to conduct research based on the criteria established, develop a comprehensive International Business plan proposal with cost analysis.

1. As part of the group, write an APA formatted paper following the outline below. The paper should include a minimum of 10 scholarly references from our dialogue, case studies, and previous project research as well as two full Bible verses. The final paper (not including cover page, abstract, references, or appendixes) should be at least 12 pages. Quality and answering the outline is a priority.

2. As part of the group, submit a PowerPoint presentation outlining the main points of your project. The presentation should be something that you would introduce to board members to influence them. The presentation should be between 4-10 slides. The slides are meant to function as a “read ahead” package to set the stage for your paper. It is meant to be an overarching summary of your project and not meant to just be another version of your project on slides.

3. As an individual, complete the team project Peer Evaluation Form. The form with directions is attached in two formats, pdf and MS Word. One of the often-cited complaints about group projects is that not everyone contributes the same level of effort, yet everyone gets the same grade and there is no way for the group to hold individual members accountable. Here is your tool for answering that challenge. Every student is given the opportunity to evaluate their peers and peer input can swing a grade up to 20 points in either direction at the professor’s discretion for any member of the group based on their contributions and level of effort.

International Business – Group Final Project

Pick a small or mid-sized business (for-profit or non-profit) that someone in your group has access to information about for the project (otherwise finding the required information for your project may be difficult). Identify the target country for expansion. Build a case for why this country is a good choice for expansion (Note: Feel free to draw on your research on the countries from your major project).

Develop a comprehensive International Business plan proposal with cost analysis. Evaluation criteria would include the following areas:

  1. Executive summary (abstract – ½ page “elevator speech” for your report)
  2. Introduction – briefly talk about the business, or the product offered
  3. SWOT Analysis (home country internal and external analysis)
  4. How will the mission and vision of the business compliment the expansion? Make sure you address how the firm intends to overcome the “liability of foreignness.”
  5. Entering the proposed host country
    • Discuss briefly where (location-specific advantages), when (first-mover or late-mover advantage) and how (scale and mode) you intend to enter the foreign market
    • Discuss in detail the mode of entry and give pros and cons for that mode
    • Market size and growth trends (make sure to identify your target market carefully here)
    • Type of market competition
    • Note whether your proposed country is part of a regional political or economic integration union
    • Include a brief discussion on the exchange rate policy of the target country
  1. Impact of Formal institutions on your proposed entry
    • Legal system
    • Business practices
    • Political stability
    • Economic system
    • Currency and economic stability (look at the last 24 months of currency exchange rate, is it fairly stable?)
    • Market entry barriers
    • Administrative regulations / “red tape”
    • Taxation and interest rates
    • Financing the projects (Availability of funding and sources)
  1. Impact of Informal institutions on your proposed entry
    • Cultural distance and similarities
    • Specific cultural norms that may affect your operation
    • Business practices and traditions
    • Religion. Will a business built upon Christ-centered values be at an advantage or disadvantage in that particular environment? How would you suggest minimizing the disadvantage or using the advantage in your favor?
  1. Complete a VRIO Framework assessment including tangible and intangible resources and capabilities
    • Tangible and intangible resources that are value adding that lead to competitive advantage and/or non-value adding that may lead to competitive disadvantage
    • The host country’s ability and means to support business development (Logistics: rail, ports, roadways?)
    • Discuss the implications of the various forms of outsourcing (off-shoring, onshoring, captive sourcing) related to your proposed expansion
  2. Four P’s Strategy (think about how Christian values may impact each one):
    • Product: what adaptations if any will be necessary to the existing products to appeal to the new market?
    • Pricing strategy: what kind of pricing should be used?
    • Promotion: what are the most effective ways to communicate and engage your target market in the host country?
    • Place: Entry mode (be sure to defend your choice) and distribution strategy

10. Financial Matters

    • Discuss the advantages or disadvantages of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), both horizontal and vertical, related to your venture
    • Timing of development – how quickly can the expansion be implemented
    • Estimated costs of the project: provide some idea of what it will cost to get started
    • Calculate Break-Even Point (BEP) in units
    • Consider the impact of opportunity costs

11. Strategies for Success

    • Indicate which of the four strategies you may use to manage the global competitive dynamics
    • Discuss which, if any, strategic alliances or acquisition strategies should be considered as part of your entry
    • Note which of the four strategic choices related to strategy and structure would be the most likely choice in your given scenario.

12. Concluding remarks


Remember, please use APA format, cite at least 10 external sources and at least 2 full Bible verses to support your arguments and suggestions. There is no need to include the Bible in your reference list in the APA format. This is an extensive report that should be at least 12 pages long not counting cover page, abstract, references and any additional appendices or annexes.

Once the final project has gone through all the edits and is ready for submission, share it with each other so that everyone has the same final version of the project. Each individual must upload the final version of the project to their grade book.

Each member should also upload the final version of the PowerPoint presentation as well.

Separately, the group leader must email the instructor the division of labor (who was responsible for what sections or actions) within the project group.

Finally, each member must upload their peer evaluation as a separate document or pdf with their final project submission. Upload all three requirements before you click submit or you will not be able to add it later.

Requirements: long