Academic Success Coachinghttps Select An Image O

Academic Success Coachinghttps Select An Image O

Academic Success Coachinghttps Select An Image O

Select an image or media representation (e.g., movie, show, video game, music video, play, poem, or work of art) relating to society and culture, socialization, deviance, or social control. (For example, the Netflix series, The Crown, is an example of society and culture.) Provide a summary of the visual or media representation then define and apply onesociological theory and two sociological concepts from the course to analyze your visual/media example, properly citing the textbook using in-text citations. (For example, one sociological theory and two concepts that can be applied to The Crown include symbolic interaction theory, ascribed status (concept 1), and social stratification (concept 2).) This assignment should be no more than one-third summary of the visual/media representation, leaving two-thirds for the analysis. If you are using an image, be sure to include it in your submission. (Refrain from using graphic or sensitive material.)

*Deadline: March 14, 2021 by 11:59PM on Webcourses*


  • Response must be at least 500-550 words in length and written at a collegiate level
  • Include the word count at the end of the response (e.g., [Word count: 550])
  • Double spaced
  • Bold each sociological concept (3 concepts required)
  • 1-inch margins on all sides
  • Size 12, Times New Roman font
  • Include in-text citations (e.g., (Author’s last name and year of publication))
  • Do Not Plagiarize
  • No late work will be accepted

Plagiarism: Plagiarism of any sort on this assignment will not be tolerated. Please note that plagiarism includes turning in the same paper for two different classes, or using the work of another student as your own, and is not solely limited to the copying of published literature. If it is found that a notable portion of the paper was purposively plagiarized, you will receive a zero (0) for the midterm exam grade and I will initiate disciplinary action. This means that not only will your overall grade for the class suffer significantly, but paperwork will be submitted to a district disciplinary committee for violation of the Student Code of Conduct regarding Academic Integrity. If you are worried about accidental plagiarism, please contact me or the writing center.

Submission: Application paper will be submitted in Canvas (UCF Webcourses). Only electronic copies of the paper will be accepted, as all papers will be run through a plagiarism checker called TurnItIn. Papers may be turned in as any of the following file formats: doc, docx, html, htm, txt, rtf, pdf, hwp, ps, wpd. I will only accept papers turned in this way. No papers will be accepted through email or in hardcopy, without exception. No late papers will be accepted.

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