Address 3 Cds510 Social Troy University Social Me

Address 3 Cds510 Social Troy University Social Me

Address 3 Cds510 Social Troy University Social Me

Question (100 marks)
Imagine you are a small business owner.

1. Please describe a small business that you will set up, it can be a service company or a product
company, it business model, products, target customers (such as age, sex, location, wealth,
etc) and make references to the followings:. (15 marks)

a) Is my perfect customer male or female?

b) Does my perfect customer work out of the home or in the home?

c) What is the job profile of my perfect customer – an executive, manager, worker,
entrepreneur, stay-at-home parent, etc.

d) What is the net household income of my perfect customer?

e) What level of education does my perfect customer have?

f) Does my perfect customer have room in their spending budget for my product/service
on a one time, occasional or constant basis?

g) How do my perfect customers use my product/service – do they buy it for themselves or
as a gift?

h) Does my perfect customer spend a lot, some or minimal time online?

i) Where does my perfect customer look for my product/service? Both online and in
physical locations?

2. You would like to use SEO on Google for your blog. Please describe what is the structure of
your blog (at least 5 pages) and list the major content of each page using a site map (an
example of site map is attached). Please also list the URL you would use and the keywords of
each page. Are the algorithms the same for all search engines? (20 marks)

3. The following URL is a page about specially made baseballs. In the SEO context, what is the
problem of the following URL and how it should be improved? (5 marks)

4. You also want to use YouTube to promote your business and you hope the video will go viral,
please suggest the characteristics for a video to go viral on YouTube and how to create such
a video for your business. Please also describe the video structure in timing and content. (20

5. After a few years of good business. You have maintained a large database of customer data.
These data contain personal information of your customers, such as the birthday, address
CDS510 Social Media for eBusiness
and mobile phone. Please explain the Six Data Protection Principles suggested by the Privacy
Commissioner for Personal Data and what measures you will apply to your business. Please
suggest 3 security measures to be implement in your business. (20 marks)
6. Other than privacy issues, what are the other major ethical issues related to eBusiness, such
as yours, please discuss in detail? (20 marks)