Afua, a 9-year-old partially immunised girl from Narrogin, was admitted on account of one-week history of abdominal pain and fever

Afua, a 9-year-old partially immunised girl from Narrogin, was admitted on account of one-week history of abdominal pain and fever

Afua, a 9-year-old partially immunised girl from Narrogin


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Afua, a 9-year-old partially immunised girl from Narrogin, was admitted on account of one-week history of abdominal pain and fever. At the emergency department, her ultrasound confirmed perforated appendix. Afua was rushed to the theatre for emergency surgery. She was brought to your ward post-operatively. She had two intravenous cannulas—one on each hand. Nasogastric tube and indwelling catheter were insitu and connected to a drainage bag. Afua has phobia for medications served in syringes. The surgical notes report the presence of three steri-strips at the incisional sites.

Afua and her mother are now in the ward and they have been allocated to you. Prior to their arrival to your ward, your shift coordinator had given you a brief hand over and advised that they will be arriving in the next 15 minutes. On arrival, you noticed Afua has been charted regular analgesia and intravenous antibiotics with prn analgesia for her pain management. On arrival, Afua was alert and her observations were: Temperature 38.6-degree, HR= 130 beats per minute, Oxygen saturation 90% on room air, RR= 28 breaths per minute with mild distress, BP = 100/70mmHg. It is estimated that Afua and her family will be on admission for at least 5 days.

Based on the above scenario, discuss the pathophysiology, management and health promotion for Afua and her family.

Assignment guidelines

Word count = 2000 (+/-10% word count)

Your assignment should include the following:

  1. An introduction summarizing the case study.
  2. Discuss the pathophysiology of the presenting condition.
  3. Discuss the assessments (Paediatric Assessment Tool and/or PrimaryAssessmentFramework) you will undertake to prioritize and manage care for Afua.
  4. Describe the nursing management of Afua’s condition
  5. Using the child and family centred care model, how will you care for Afua and herfamily?
  6. What discharge education and health promotion will you emphasize?
  7. How will you teach Afua to manage her condition after discharge? What community support resources will you refer Afua to?

Introduction (approx 100 words)

  • An overview of the case study and definition of terminology.
  • An overview of the assignment relevant to the patient

Section one (approx 600 words)

  • Describe the presenting problem’s pathophysiology

Section two (approx. 1000 words)

  • Discuss the nursing considerations and management for this child, incorporating examples of child and family centred care, assessment strategies and nursing actions.
  • Discuss potential assessment findings, what range of assessments or preparations would be required and what appropriate assessment tools will you utilise/would be used. Consider any potential changes e.g. deterioration/recovery and how this would impact on the care provided.
  • Students should identify, consider and briefly discuss nursing management, – this should demonstrate the student’s ability to demonstrate clinical knowledge, critically think and incorporate evidence informed practice.
  • Students should also incorporate any holistic health considerations and rationales to demonstrate critical thinking.

Section three (200)

  • Discuss the health promotion strategies you will put in place for Afua and his family and the community resources they can utilise.

Conclusion (approx 100 words)

  • Provide an overview of the assignment and the primary relevant points identified. No new material introduced.



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