American Suburbs Cathy Smallmeet Uci The Global P

American Suburbs Cathy Smallmeet Uci The Global P

American Suburbs Cathy Smallmeet Uci The Global P

*The Midterm is scheduled in Week 5 Tuesday, November 3rd, from 2:00 pm LA time to 3:20 pm LA time. 55 min time limit.

*Materials from Module 1 through Module 4 will be in the midterm.

*The midterm is 40% of the grade. The midterm and final include multiple-choice and essay. Midterm and final cover material from lectures, readings, and films.

Midterm component:

Midterm has 30 multiple choice/true or false questions and 1 essay. You need to finish both parts of the exam within 55 min. The exam will be automatically submitted at the time limit. You can only see 1 question at a time, once you click next, you will not be able to return to the previous question. So please be very careful when choosing. You are expected to write at least 100-200 words for the essay. You are expected to use course materials, lectures and books, as references in the essay.

*Midterm essay topics:

Here are the topics for the essay on our midterm. The three topics below are very general. While I will use one of them on the exam, expect it to be far more specific in its scope. Thus the exact wording will be different and ask for particular details.

1) Discuss the major migrations of people into the Pacific that occurred up until the past 500 years of so (prior to European exploration).

2) Discuss the challenges and tensions Gewertz and Errington discuss between systems of commensurate and incommensurate differences as experienced by the Chambri.

3) Discuss Gewertz and Errinton’s metaphor of “twisted histories” to interpret recent changes experienced by the Chambri. Give examples.

Review tips:

Please be sure to go over every lecture videos since there are no other materials provided by the professor. Please also go over the module study guides. It explains each week’s agenda. Please also check if you could find any copies of the list of books (listed below). Go over them if you find them. You should start finding materials and information on the given questions. And go over them. So you will be prepared and have them ready at the time of the exam.


Twisted Histories, Altered Contexts Deborah Gewertz and Frederick Errington

Suffering and Sentiment C. Jason Throop

Paradise Remade: The Politics of Culture and History in Hawai’i Elizabeth Buck

Voyages: From Tongan Villages to American Suburbs Cathy Small

Meet time for the exam:

Please be ready by 1:45 pm LA time on Tuesday, November 3rd. It allows us to be prepared for any last-minute changes. Please notify me on studypool when you are online and ready. Please be on time. Also, please write in proper MLA format. Use course materials as references. Again, please be here by 1:45 pm LA time on Tuesday the 3rd and notify me so I know we are ready to take the exam.

During the exam:

Please be very sure which answer you choose since we can not go back and change the previous answers. Besides the multiple choice/true or false questions, we need also finish the short essay as well within the 50 min time limit for the exam. So we need to make sure we have enough time to work on the essay after doing the questions. When giving me the essay, please send it here on studypool directly rather than uploading a word doc.