Ancient Greek Worldview Vanier College Ancient G

Ancient Greek Worldview Vanier College Ancient G

Ancient Greek Worldview Vanier College Ancient G

Describe and explain the main characteristics of the ancient Greek/Aristotelian worldview and the Newtonian worldview. Discuss how important discoveries and insights by Ptolemy, Copernicus, Kepler, and Galileo helped accomplish the transition from the ancient Greek worldview to the Newtonian worldview.

(Points highlighted during class are particularly important. Try to combine insights from your text and the documentaries with what I highlighted in class).

Your essay should be about 3-4 pages long but can be much longer if you feel that you need more space. What matters to me is not so much length but how much pertinent information you actually provide and how detailed and clear your explanations are. From my point of view, the more pertinent information you provide from our readings and class work, the better your mark will be. I do not count words and do not give marks for extra words that do not add any information. Try to be as detailed and informative as you possibly can without being repetitive or providing irrelevant information. Remember that the purpose of this exercise is to showcase your knowledge about the subject to the best of your abilities. So pretend I do not know anything about the topic and explain to me as much as you can.

Your answer should follow a format that is somewhere between an essay and a short answer. By this I mean you do not need to write a formal introduction and conclusion, but you do need to write in full sentences and should develop and elaborate on each point by following a logical structure.

I recommend making use of sub-headings such as “The Ancient Greek Worldview”, The Transitional Phase, “The Newtonian Worldviews” .

Your essay must be your own individual and original work. This means you cannot copy directly from your readings and need to rephrase sentences, so as to be not accused of plagiarism. You also cannot copy the work of fellow classmates. I suggest refraining from sharing your work with classmates, so as to not unwittingly provide an opportunity for someone else to reap the benefits of your work and to get you into trouble.

If you feel that you were not able to absorb all the information you were given in class, please speak to me before the exam is due, so I can try to help you. There will be no make up assignments if you do poorly, and since this exam is worth 40% of your mark, I highly recommend to take it seriously in the first instance.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to speak to me in class next time.