Applied One Specific Coun Irvine Valley College C

Applied One Specific Coun Irvine Valley College C

Applied One Specific Coun Irvine Valley College C

You are at a point in this course where you have learned some valuable strategies for being successful in college and in life. This is where you get to demonstrate your knowledge and newly learned skills in an essay that will allow you to apply the concepts you have learned to your own life.

Write an essay for fellow college students who’ll be taking a course like yours in the future. Read over the following two topics below, and choose the one that most appeals to you.

  • Using one of the strategies discussed in the course, write about a situation in which your values or beliefs were challenged? How did you react?
  • Write an essay about how you used a strategy from anywhere in our course to overcome a problem in your life (academic, personal or work related).

Your story should address three things:

THE CHALLENGE. Tell about the one BIGGEST obstacle that challenged your success in college or life. Explain the challenge with enough specific details that readers will know exactly what obstacle you faced. Don’t just say something general such as, I had a problem with math anxiety. Instead, describe the problem as you’d tell a good friend who wants to hear all of the specific details.

THE STRATEGY. Explain in detail how you applied ONE specific Coun 10 strategy to overcome the challenge. Don’t just make generalizations such as, “The course really helped me and now I have no more problems.” Instead, name the particular success strategy from “Introduction to College Study skills” and describe how you used it, again using specific details.

THE OUTCOME. Finally, end by describing what happened after using the Coun 10 strategy. Again, give specific details.

Read the rubric! Your essay should also demonstrate the following:

  • Must be typed, using Arial or Times New Roman fonts in 12 point with 1 inch margins all around, double spaced.
  • Must include a cover page with your name, Instructor’s name, and Title of your Paper)
  • Must include a Resources page (you must use at least 2 resources, one of these may be your course PowerPoints).
  • Be detailed, accurate, complete, in complete sentences, and written in your own words.
  • Make sure that you use APA style citations when referring to the specific strategy(ies) from the book that you are employing.
  • Between 500-800 words (2-5 pages, NOT including Cover and Resources pages)

Refer to this link for more details: On Course Essay Contest

A challenging situation is explained. It can be academic, personal, or work-related. Explain why it was a challenge. In what ways it was bothering you.

At least one strategy is described. It SHOULD be academic strategy reflecting the concepts covered in coun 10. Combine it with theories and facts from the relevant chapter to indicate your knowledge of the concept.

The outcome is described with details and examples

length of paper at least 2 pages not including the cover page and resource page

APA or MLA format cover page and resource page are included

essay format is as instructed in the description (font, space, size, etc.

It is submitted by Saturday Dec 12