Appropriate Netiquette Hri 215 Scc Ways E Comme

Appropriate Netiquette Hri 215 Scc Ways E Comme

Appropriate Netiquette Hri 215 Scc Ways E Comme

(Part 1)

Click the link below and read the article:…

Discuss the article. How do you think that ecommerce is impacting the Hospitality Industry? Refer to the article in your discussion.

Please remember to follow the discussion protocol:

In order to make these discussions productive and meaningful the following guidelines apply:
1. Each student will provide an initial response to the Discussion Topic and then at least one comment to someone else’s response. All responses MUST also be substantive and meaningful. No one word, one line, or Facebook style answers.
2. Appropriate “NETIQUETTE” should be followed for all postings. Be polite.
3. There are up to 20 points available. (10 points for the initial post and 10 points for the required response)
4. Grammar, Capitalization, and Punctuation will count toward your grade.


(Part 2)

Also, you should comment on another student’s post. And to follow the rules for discussion forums


I think that e-commerce is positively impacting the Hospitality Industry. I say this because as more people visit your store or company and have an enjoyable and easy time spent in the place they will go online and rate your store or company depending on how well it was to them. It may be a harsh judgment on occasion but if that is the case as the company you can also throw a deal that person to make them come back and have a better experience. As time has gone by more things have become electronic to where you do not have to leave your house and it can come straight to you. So with that being said as mentioned in the article the deals and discount codes will have you coming back because everyone in this world can not resist a good deal. Like for example, hotels have different sites and apps to see the deals and to see what hotel would fit you and how you tend to be when you travel. Many online apps for the industry put offers that you can not give o=up right in your face and also know what your general area of liking is.


Look at the example attached