Area Around 50 Years Columbia Southern University

Area Around 50 Years Columbia Southern University

Area Around 50 Years Columbia Southern University

Discuss your perception of the differences between modern ideas about socialism and liberalism and the types of socialism and liberalism that existed in the 19th century. What role do you think utilitarianism played in shaping their influence on 19th century developments? Explain your rationale.

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  1. Match the name of the notable figure to the political conflict or debate with which they are most closely associated. Not all answers will be used.
    Klemens von Metternich
    Friedrich Engels
    Louis Blanc
    Nicholas I
    Simón Bolívar
    Robert Owen
    Pierre-Joseph Proudhon
    Alexander Ypsilanti
    Robert Peel
    Louis Philippe
    A. The Bourgeois Monarchy
    B. Carlsbad Decrees
    C. Greater Germany
    D. Communism
    E. Repeal of the Corn Laws
    F. Anarchism
    G. Decembrist Revolt of 1825
    H. Socialistic industrial-agricultural communities
    I. Greek Revolution
    J. Socialist right to work
    K. Gran Columbia
    L. Austrian reforms upon revolution of 1848

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  1. Match the term to the description of a 19th century political system. Not all answers will be used.
    Political liberalism
    Laissez faire
    Congress of Vienna
    Radical republicanism
    Utopian socialism
    Practical or peaceful socialism
    Radical or Marxist socialism
    Constitutional Charter of 1814
    A. Gender division of labor in marriage, including restrictive economic and political positions of women
    B. A working-class revolution destroying the capitalist state to establish communism
    C. Movement toward political rights and liberty
    D. Minimal government interference in the economy
    E. Creation of public works and social institutions with the main goal of improving the conditions of the poor
    F. Conservative alliance to stem the spread of liberalism
    G. Self-government without a monarch
    H. The greatest good for the greatest number based on rational and scientific criteria
    I. Limited liberal constitution with upper and lower houses of French parliament
    J. “Imagined communities” united by a common identity based on common language and history
    K. Louis Blanc’s program of peaceful action by workers supportive of government intervention in the economy
    L. Minimal government aid and global economic competition to identify and ensure the supremacy of the biologically fit

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  1. Select any European city at the turn of the 20th century. Imagine you are a teenager finding the journals of your grandparents who lived in the same area around 50 years prior.Consider what you learned about pivotal events that occurred in their lifetime in the region. How do they describe society around 1850? Describe how they interpreted political, economic, and social philosophies to have evolved during this time, as well as how they impacted new developments in the region. Be sure to consider their reactions to political connections to the growing urban centers. Discuss their thoughts on social ideas, urbanization, and economic circumstances including class, as well as their thoughts about imperialism.Your response must be at least 300 words in length.