Areas Blank Address Line Lindenwood University Be

Areas Blank Address Line Lindenwood University Be

Areas Blank Address Line Lindenwood University Be

There are several reasons it’s worth your while, including:

  • To explain to an official how a particular issue affects you or your group.
  • To express support for a proposed law, policy, or course of action.
  • To oppose a proposed law, policy, or course of action.
  • To demonstrate to an official that his constituents are aware of an issue and have a real interest in the outcome.
  • To inform an official about an issue or situation, giving background and history that she may not have.
  • To attempt to persuade an official to vote in a certain way on an issue, or to take other related action.
  • To build your reputation as a thoughtful person in the eyes of the officials, and thus make your criticism or support more influential, or to put yourself in the position of the person to be consulted when the official needs information about your issue.
  • To request a meeting to discuss the issue or some related matter of concern.
  • To thank an official for support given, or action taken.
  • To criticize an official for a past vote or action.
  • To put an official on notice that you and your group are watching his actions, and that he needs to take your votes into account at election time.
  • To ask an official to state her position on a particular issue, or to reveal her voting record.
  • To ask for help or support.

You will be writing a letter to a representative based on the exploitation of our ocean’s resources…urging them to vote one way or another for their use. Research this topic so you understand how it pertains to people and/or where we live. Topics can include biological resources (long lines, trawls, sport fishing) or other resources (fuel, minerals or even tourism). Then select a representative to contact. You should look at how this representative votes related to your topic (or what they say or have said).

Office of Governor Ron DeSantis
State of Florida
The Capitol
400 S. Monroe St.
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001

(850) 717-9337

Then you’ll write a letter to this representative using the format below. After you’ve completed it you should send it…but you MUST submit a copy in the dropbox for grading.

Sample Letter to Your Elected Official

Your Full Name Leave all these areas blank
Address Line 1 Leave all these areas blank
Address Line 2 Leave all these areas blank
Today’s Date Leave all these areas blank

The Honorable (Official’s name here)
Role of the Official
Office Mailing Address

Paragraph One: Opening Statement. The opening statement is a good place to state that you are a constituent. You should also identify the reason you are writing your letter and your hopes from the official. Remember you have a specific issue (often a bill) you would like your official to act upon, request their action in regards to that.

Paragraphs Two and Three: Use these paragraphs to clearly discuss the issue as it relates to you and your community. These paragraphs should use a combination of facts, research, and personal stories to support the points you are making. These paragraphs should present information that is personalized and poignant.

Paragraph Four: Specifically identify what you are asking from the legislator that you are writing. (Ex. I urge you to support (your issue here) by voting in favor of XXXX this session.) You do not have to identify a particular piece of legislation, but you can if you are aware of one that addresses the issue at hand.

Thank you,