Assigned Readings Plus Ideas Final Paper

Assigned Readings Plus Ideas Final Paper

Assigned Readings Plus Ideas Final Paper

First, you are asked to implement Conscious (Business) Ethics into a place you either currently or formerly have worked. To provide you with some research, here is a link to some research that demonstrates the value of adding virtues (aka character strengths) to the work context:;sequence=1

Furthermore, the paper is not just about that one topic off C(B)E. It asks you to incorporate concepts from each week’s lecture topics throughout the semester. What I am trying to accomplish in this paper is the demonstration of your mastery of the course material via application to a work context with which you have personal experience. Have you ever worked for any entity in your life, even for a short period of time? Have you ever volunteered at an organization? If you have spent anytime at any organization, this is what I would like you to write about. It is your personal experience of the context that will best enable you to practically apply what you learn in the course.

I am also including the instructions for the Final Paper that were included in the Week 8 Announcement.

BLAW 368 Final Paper Assignment

12-20 pages, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman, with page numbers

The CEO of an organization for which you currently work (or have worked at in the past), paid or volunteer, makes the following request:

“I understand you are taking a business ethics course at CSUN taught by Professor Chumney who really encourages the practical application of the concepts you’ve learned in the course. I’m very interested in seeing that we make ‘Conscious (Business) Ethics’ a central component of everything we do here. Please utilize the knowledge you’ve gained in the aforementioned course to develop a plan for incorporating business ethics in general and C(B)E in particular, into our company’s ethical culture and business activity. I would also like to see the the practical application into our organization of material from each topic you covered in the syllabus involving ethics: Socratic/Platonic philosophy, competencies and perspectives, personal development, decision making and action, Kohlberg’s theory of moral development, interpersonal communication, exercising influence, conflict management, leadership and followership, and conscious capitalism. Be certain to include components of each of the aforementioned concepts into your paper”

Respond to this request by preparing a research paper that deals with the steps to be taken in order to incorporate key aspects of business ethics into the culture and business activity of your organization. Your paper should include a discussion of the various ethical issues facing your company and the morally imaginative solutions you seek to employ. Establish the current practices of the organization and examples of ethical issues faced in the past. Then, offer suggestions for improvement. Be practical, bold, innovative, and as thorough as you can. Draw upon insights from assigned readings plus ideas gained from class lectures and discussion board and weekly paper assignments. Use resources from your company, readings, etc., and document all sources you use.

This paper is due on the last day of class. It will be graded in accordance with the rubric you have been presented. Please be very sure that it is carefully proofread and that it does not contain any errors. Write it as if the CEO of your organization is going to read it.