BBS_5_MPB_1920 Managing the Principles of E-Business

BBS_5_MPB_1920 Managing the Principles of E-Business

BBS_5_MPB_1920 Managing the Principles of E-Business


Coursework 2

Assignment Brief


The second assignment in this module is a 2000 word individual report which will analyse the digital strategy of an organisation of your choice, and will recommend a new or improved digital strategy based on this analysis. The submission deadline for this assignment is Friday the 10th of January, 11:55pm.

Choosing an Organisation

The chosen organisation should be UK based and ideally you should have some kind of personal connection with the chosen organisation. The organisation needs to be from within the industry sector that you worked on in your group. For instance, if you choose the Energy sector in your group you could choose a provider of renewable energy like Octopus Energy as your organisation of choice (especially if you use them for electricity), or if you choose Sports as your group work, you could choose your local football club (that you support or that you’re a member of) as your organisation of choice. You could also choose Chelsea FC (if you’re a fan) but, in any case, you should ideally take an organisation that you have some kind of personal connection with.

If you would like to choose an organisation on which there is no or very little public information available (such as your own clothing line that you have just started, or your friend’s restaurant) you can do that too, although you may have to do a bit more work in this case to gather all the required information on some of the analysis related sections of this assignment.

The Report

Individual reports should analyse a chosen organisation (could be a company, association, club, startup, charity or non-for-profit organisation) with regards to their digital strategy, both current and recommended. The deadline for this assignment is Friday, January 10th, 11:55pm.

Marks will be given for this assignment according to the following criteria:

  1. Industry analysis [10 marks]
  2. Critical evaluation of the organisations current digital strategy [10 marks]
  3. Recommendations of an improved or new digital strategy [50 marks]
  4. Evidence of Research [20 marks]
  5. Overall presentation [10 marks]

Guidance for this assignment

The entire lecture in week 11 (the week starting December 2nd) will be devoted to discussing how to develop the digital strategy for your organisation of choice. In the same week you will also receive a clear overview of which sections your report should id