Believe Social Media Makes Eng 226 Ncatsu Descrip

Believe Social Media Makes Eng 226 Ncatsu Descrip

Believe Social Media Makes Eng 226 Ncatsu Descrip

Format: You should use MLA guidelines to organize content within your Word document. The five prompted paragraphs in this assignment should be 8-10 sentences each on a single Word document, double-spaced paged, in Times New Roman, 12pt font. Also, proofread your assignment carefully to avoid typographical errors and other careless mistakes.

Students will be required to complete five individual- prompted paragraphs as communicated via instructional document and sample below. The five-individual prompts will require writing that is descriptive, persuasive, argumentative, explorative, including a separate conclusion paragraph that sums up each students’ writing on various topics. The five-individual paragraphs developed for each prompt for the assignment will need to contain at least 8 to 10 sentences, and include topic sentences, correct grammar and punctuation, and several supporting ideas following the topic sentences for each paragraph written. The conclusion paragraph is the only one that can contain less than 8 sentences but must include at least 5 sentences in total. Students will find four writing prompts below, minus the conclusion, and a sample assignment format for organizational and execution purposes below the prompt descriptions.

Prompt 1: Describe your favorite place to relax.

Prompt 2: John Lennon once observed, “Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.” If that is true, is it better to live life without a plan, to carefully follow a precise plan, or to somehow balance planning and spontaneity? Persuade your readers as to why people should plan (or not plan) life.

Prompt 3: Argue whether you believe social media makes people more or less narcissistic.

Prompt 4: Explore how important it is to develop and maintain a positive self-image in today’s society.

Conclusion: Summarize why all four writing styles that you have completed are important, and which you feel will be the most useful to you in your future profession.