Bibliographic Review Https Business Intelligence

Bibliographic Review Https Business Intelligence

Bibliographic Review Https Business Intelligence

Learning Outcomes

1. Assess the conclusions obtained based on the business data presented to an analytical tool.

2. Apply the business analytics life cycle/process (identify the problem, describe the data, analyse the data, interpret the results, and make presentation on recommendations).


Aim of this assignment to evaluate the student’s performance on concepts of “Business Intelligence and Analytics” that would be reflected through the portfolio on the business analytics tools and techniques. The roles of data mining in business decision making through exploration by the data analysis tool.


“Muscat Research Institue” is a research institute for the OMANY STUDENTS and there is a project called “Bigdata Technology”. You are newly appointed as a scientific officer in this organization and you are looking for the big data analysis tools and techniques to apply appropriate algorithms to a better platform.

Develop a synopsis “ALGORITHMS AND TOOLS OF BIG DATA” based on the following article <Uploaded in Moodle> within 600 words and 10-15 citation minimum. You should mention the required information based on the scenario. A critical analysis is expected among 4 different algorithms and 4 different tools with sufficient citations. The given article is just for reference, you have to use the text and reference books, moodle materials, and online materials. Such as “ALGORITHMS AND TOOLS OF BIG DATA: A BIBLIOGRAPHIC REVIEW”


Apply clustering or linear regression analysis for any relevant data set (you may collect from a known organization or online public repository.

a) Data set collection (Mention the source, format, and fields of data set).

b) Explain the target for analysis (why do you want to do the analysis?)

c) Perform cleaning and transformation (select target fields and records)

d) Apply clustering / linear regression by any suitable tool (e.g. PSPP)

e) Discuss the outcome of the analysis (findings: diagram, values)

f) Develop a poster by using findings of ( a ) to ( e )and basic information of you and module.

Task 3

Mooc Implementation: A certification link will be provided based on the topic of assignments and expected to complete and used materials for assignment-1 and 2 but reflection with evidence is required in assignment-2.

*** Words count = 1500 words.

*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style.

*** Attachment uploaded named “ALGORITHMS AND TOOLS OF BIG DATA”.

*** Assignment 1 has been uploaded.