Bound 30 Volume Printed Cmn 504 University Of New

Bound 30 Volume Printed Cmn 504 University Of New

Bound 30 Volume Printed Cmn 504 University Of New

For each item, determine if the argument is valid or invalid. If invalid, name the fallacy.

1. Should the situation arise that significant budget cuts are required, it is apparent that Mary’s job will be eliminated. The production manager has indicated that there will indeed be major reductions in the budget. So, Mary will be going on unemployment.

2. The potatoes will never grow unless they are adequately fertilized before the first heavy rain. Arthur, my neighbor, however, luckily fertilized his potatoes three days ahead of the first rain after planting. I’m sure he can expect a good crop.

3. If anyone carries a beer onto the fraternity property, the fraternity will lose its charter. But the fraternity has put up an electric fence to keep out drinkers. So, the fraternity will not lose its charter.

4. Under the condition that students are not informed of their rights before the conduct hearing, the appeals board is obligated to overturn the sanctions against them. But these students were clearly informed before of all their rights. So, it is clear the appeals board will not overturn their sanctions.

5. There will be a Summer School boycott by faculty, if the trustees do not settle the contract dispute before the end of Spring Semester. But the trustees have continued to delay the process and refuse to settle. So, it looks as if there will be a Summer School boycott.

6. If the candidate turns to negative campaigning, and if the number of undecided voters remains high, then there is an outside chance that his opponent might be defeated. It is clear from the last two days of campaigning that the candidate has shifted tactics and is attacking his opponent on both policy and character issues. But, the number of undecided voters is getting smaller each day. So, it appears his opponent will be re-elected.

7. If the invention of time travel were possible, we would already have been visited by time travelers from the future, or we would have read about such a visit to the more remote past in our own history. But we have had neither any visitors from the future, nor a historical record of their visiting any earlier age than our own. Therefore, time travel is not possible.

8. It was clear that if the coach could not find a talented replacement for the player suspended for academic reasons, then the team would lose its key playoff game. And, since the papers reported that the team lost in overtime, I conclude that the coach never found that talented replacement. It’s time to relax academic standards for athletes.

9. The encyclopedia salesman offered her a great deal. If she bought the subscription to the full on-line digital version today, she would also get the leather-bound 30 volume printed set for free. And she has the 30-volume set. So, I guess she must have taken the deal for the digital subscription.

10. Under the condition that our adversary does not surrender, we would be forced to obliterate his colony. It is apparent that our adversary will surrender, since he has sent a delegation to negotiate terms. It follows, then, that it will not be necessary to obliterate their colony.