Bullying: A 500 word proposal of bullying program

Bullying: A 500 word proposal of bullying program

Bullying is a serious problem in Canada and needs to be addressed as it is causing emotional, social, cognitive and behavioral problems for individuals. According to the Canadian Psychological Association research completed in 2016 75% of children in grades 6-10 reported being bullied at some point over a two month period.  Individuals in this study reported that they were either bullied, bullied others or participated in both behaviors.  To address this issue we first need to acquire an understanding of bullying.  Please read through pages 172-176 in your text relating to bullying and social competence.

Once you have completed your reading in the text you can move onto the two attached journal articles entitled Psychology Works Fact sheet: bullying among children and youth and School leadership and counselors working together to address bullying. Once you have completed your readings you can answer the following question.



The school that you are currently working for has concerns relating to bullying and have approached you to write a 500 word proposal for the administration about implementing a bullying program. In this proposal you are to focus on the importance of developing this program and the multifaceted approach that is needed to implement the program.