Business Ethics Assignment: Week 10

Business Ethics Assignment: Week 10

Business EtDecision-making Reflection Paperhics Assignment: Week 10

Decision-making Reflection Paper

Business Ethics Assignment

Part A. Correlation does NOT PROVE cause and effect.  Keeping that statistical truth in mind, what reasons could theoretically be put forward to explain the correlation of less suicide among people with more religious involvement? Provide three reasons along with your rationale why they should be considered.


Part B. You manage 50 employees. Two of your employees are Muslim and have approached you about allowing them 30 minutes for noon prayers. All employees are allowed a 30-minute lunch break mandated by law.

How would you handle this without breaking the EEO laws on religion in the workplace?


Part C. Review the ethical decision-making PPT. Assume that you are working for a company that is considering supporting Black Lives Matter as part of the company’s strategic philanthropy. Go through each of the steps 1 through 9. Explain how you would complete each step to present to upper management. DO NOT PROVIDE A RECOMMENDATION. YOUR TASK IS TO EXPLAIN HOW TO COMPLETE EACH STEP IN THE PROCESS TO ARRIVE AT A RECOMMENDATION.