Business Ethics Check-Up Final

Business Ethics Check-Up Final

Business EtDecision-making Reflection Paperhics Assignment: Week 10

Decision-making Reflection Paper

Business Ethics Check-Up Final

The final paper should be a 3-5 page paper, plus cover page and citations page, analyzing your Business Check-Up Worksheet and how you would improve the ethical policies/procedures of your company.

  1. Below is the grading breakdown of this assignment:
  2. Business Ethics Check-Up Worksheet (Week 5): 20 points
  3. Business Ethics Check-Up Rough Draft (Week 7): 30 points
  4. Business Ethics Check-Up Final (Week 8): 100 points


Your final write-up will be graded on the following:

  • Purpose (10 points)
  • Content of policies and recommendations (50 points)*
  • Organization (10 points)
  • Feel and tone (10 points)
  • Grammar/spelling (10 points)
  • Length requirement (5 points)

Use and quality of references in APA (5 points)

*Note: The majority of your paper should focus on recommendations on how you would improve the ethical policies/procedures of your company.

The final paper will be 5-7 pages long. It will contain a Cover Page, 3-5 pages of text, and a separate citations page.


  1. Cover Page showing your name and title of paper.
  2. Introductory paragraph to provide context to the reader about the purpose and subject of the paper.
  3. Analysis of your findings from the ethics check-up exercise.
  4. A conclusion where you tie up your answers into a concise conclusion.
  5. A citation page.

APA format is mandatory. Review this format before completing assignment.