Chad 101 Final Assignment Chad 101 Sjsu Effects O

Chad 101 Final Assignment Chad 101 Sjsu Effects O

Chad 101 Final Assignment Chad 101 Sjsu Effects O

Part one (Complete this part first before the 2nd part)

The first assignment is a 7 page literature review of different sources that I will provide. Looking for something in the education and child development field. This will be due 5/3/2020 6pm pst. Topic is about the effects of breakfast and its significance on students’ learning. Research question is: How does eating breakfast affect students’ leaning in schools – especially the nutrition, calories, and who provides the breakfast (home or school). The sources include 3 non-scholarly and 3 scholarly articles and 5 are provided in the attachment “topic description”. Please find one more scholarly article (3 non-scholarly are given and 2 scholarly are given) and use all 6 for the paper. Guidelines and rubrics are all provided in the attachments. Please look over everything and follow the instructions. Be sure to have everything in APA style. Attachment “topic description,” “Chad 101 paper rubric,” “evaluating sources ppt” and “Chad 101 final assignment evaluation claims” are needed for this part of the assignment. Please look through them thoroughly and approach the topic in a new perspective. Detailed instructions are in attachment.

  • Paper write up – Your write up of this assignment should contain the following:
    • An introduction that presents the topic and main claim(s) you will be addressing in your paper. The introduction should capture the reader’s interest, present any controversies in the topic, a thesis or question you will address in the paper, and an outline of the rest of the paper.
    • Body of your paper organized in themes/sections. Within these sections you should describe the claims and evidence from your sources. Present information about positions your sources take, how they support those positions. Follow the description with a critical evaluation of your sources. Explain the strengths and weaknesses of the information provided by the source and unanswered questions or how the source contributes to the topic and leads to the next paragraph.
    • Comparison of sources. You should make comparison among sources and your evaluation of the sources. How do the sources support one another, refute one another, and explanations for which sources were more impactful and why.
    • Conclusion. You should make conclusive statements about the topic/issue you are addressing, implications of the issue to parents, teachers, counselors, or others in interacting with children, and issues or factors that are left unresolved or unaddressed.

Part two

The second part to this assignment is a 3 page research design proposal which is built upon the first part (literature review). Instructions are provided in the attachment “Chad 101 final assignment evaluation claims,” and “chad 101 proposal help presentation”. Again, please read them thoroughly. The format of this research proposal will be in

  • In addition to the paper write-up, you will also design a proposal for a new empirical study. The purpose of your proposed study should go to address unresolved or unaddressed factors that you identified in the paper or to strengthen the evidence for a claim. The proposal should include the following:
    • Rationale – a description for the need of the study you are proposing. In a rationale you should address what is known about the topic (from your sources) and what is unknown and necessary to be studied. A good rationale will demonstrate why the study is important and necessary to contribute new knowledge to the topic.
    • Design – a description and explanation for the design that you will use (Naturalistic observation, systematic observation, content analysis, correlational design, experimental, quasi-experimental).
    • Participants – a description and explanation for the participants you would include, sampling method.
    • Variables/Measures – a description and explanation for how you will measure your variables, including conceptual and operational definitions of all variables in your study. Issues of reliability and construct validity should be addressed.
    • Procedures – very detailed description of how the study will be conducted. The procedures should be detailed enough for someone else to follow and be able to conduct the study (like a recipe). The more appropriate methodological ideas that you include from class the better your grade.
    • Analysis – a description of what statistical analyses would be used to analyze your study.

Your proposal will be graded on the appropriateness of the design, detail, and inclusion of concepts from class. You will not actually conduct the study, you are just planning a study.

Thank you.