Challenges Becoming Easier Anytime Psc 101 The Co

Challenges Becoming Easier Anytime Psc 101 The Co

Challenges Becoming Easier Anytime Psc 101 The Co

Please reply to the question and comment constructively on a classmates’ posting.



Go to Check out the issues and articles that strike your interest. You should go to the “Issue Guides” located at the upper left of the page… and click open a few issues of interest to you. Note the charts. Discuss one or more policy issues or articles found on this website. Try to be somewhat analytical/evaluative/critical. Talk to each other. Post websites for others to visit.

Here is classmate’s posting from question. Please reply in 1st person point of view.

Classmate’s post

I chose the topic of Adults going back to college to get a degree. According to Public Agenda, a large amount, millions, of Americans didn’t pursue college after high school (Public Agenda. May 31, 2018). America ranks 10th in the world for people obtaining college degrees after graduating from 12th grade (Public Agenda. May 31, 2018). However, the number of adults going back to college, or starting college for the first time, is growing (Public Agenda. May 31, 2018). I am included in this topic as I was 27 before I was able to start my college journey. As Public Agenda says, adults have other responsibilities that hinder the ability to get a college degree (Public Agenda. May 31, 2018). Work takes up most of the adults’ time which leaves little to no room for studying. Financial obligations of bills and necessities mean that kicking out extra money that we don’t have for school is usually out of the question. I am only able to attend college now because my job offers tuition reimbursement. If I were to pay out of pocket, I would be struggling big time because the monthly payment for four classes for me is around 520.00. That’s more than my car payment. Thankfully after I pass the classes I get the money back and can put it towards the next semester. Public Agenda also touches on how it is harder for adults to do well in classes because it has been a long time since we have been in school that we have forgotten a lot of what we learned (Public Agenda. May 31, 2018). This article by Public Agenda made a list of the 8 most important findings of their study. 1- Motivation for going back to school is to get a better career even and are willing to take on the financial burden. 2- Adults mostly worry about the debt and being able to be present in the other parts of their life but don’t worry about failing or dropping out of school. 3- Money becomes tight. We have all of our bills and necessities to handle and then we are adding a tuition fee. 4- Adults start college with no clear path and make many changes along the way resulting in a longer college experience. 5- Adults want quality teachers and education. 6- Adults worry about going to the right school but ignore professional information that could guide them in the right direction. 7- Adults think “colleges and faculty can help inform their decisions about schools.” (Public Agenda. May 31, 2018) 8- “Adult prospective students believe that business, community organizations and government can work together alongside colleges to help students succeed.” (Public Agenda. May 31, 2018) College for adults is more difficult than students right out of high school for all of these reasons listed above. I don’t see the challenges becoming easier anytime soon due to the fact that college is just getting more expensive as well as everything else in our economy.

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