Choose One Small Group Cmst 230 Fresno State Univ

Choose One Small Group Cmst 230 Fresno State Univ

Choose One Small Group Cmst 230 Fresno State Univ


The purpose of this Group Communication Analysis Paper is to analyze the effects of your own personal perceptions, values, and communication skills on your interpersonal and small group relationships. You will use assigned readings, lectures, and in-class group work to complete this assignment. Be sure to use course concepts, and use them in such a way that I know you know what they mean. It doesn’t behoove you to throw vocabulary around if you’re using incorrectly.


Consider your own experiences working in and with small groups. Choose one small group to which you’ve belonged and consider the role that you played. You don’t have to have been perfect in that group. Maybe you were a ghost, maybe you took on a leadership role; analyze that. You’ll get a better understanding of your attitude and comfort level with group work. The following questions will also help with your analysis. You should analyze your role using a minimum of 3 of the following questions/concepts. If you’d like to answer all 6 questions, you may, but 3 is the minimum requirement.


  1. What defines a small group?
  2. Explain how the group was formed and normed.
  3. Think about a time a group member did not conform to the norms established. How did this go? Did it create issues with the group’s ability to work together?
  4. Explain a time that your group experienced change, and how you/they adapted. How did this work out?
  5. Was your group diverse? What were some of the pros that came with diversity? What were some of the cons?
  6. Explain a time that you had difficulty finding the balance between task dimensions and social dimensions. How did you go about finding that balance? Or did you?


Papers should be written in essay format (proper sentence and paragraph structure, introduction with a thesis statement, conclusion and transitions), 2 to 3 pages, and typed. They should be formatted with 1-inch margins and 12-point font.

I was told this self-analysis paper is more of a reflection on your past working with groups and just answering three of those questions given, and that you don’t have to do and of the reading that she said was given