Choosing the essay from the textbook

Choosing the essay from the textbook

Choosing the essay from the textbook

Last updated on October 4th, 2023 at 06:56 am

In choosing the essay from the textbook, choose one essay from the textbook (preferably one we from the syllabus that we have discussed), and then choose one of the following options:

1) Agree with the author. One way you can do this is focus on a point or idea the author should have addressed but did not. Perhaps argue that the author should not have ignored the issue of A because of B.

2) Disagree with the author’s point. Create your own argument that opposes either a minor or major point the author makes.


NOTE: Do NOT create an argument that just repeats what the author says. You should be focusing on an angle the author did not address or disagreeing with the author. The more specific your argument, the stronger your argument will be. Make sure you have clear areas of support.


Source requirements:

  • In choosing the essay from the textbook, start by reviewing the essays we already read since those are more familiar to you. However, if you’d like to use an essay from the book that we didn’t read (whether it’s from a unit we covered or not), that’s an option. If you choose a reading we did not discuss, please inform me first. The essay from your reader will be your primary source.
  • Not counting the essay from the textbook, you must have a minimum of three secondary sources (total of four sources minimum).
  • You must refer directly to each of these four sources at least once somewhere in your paper, preferably through direct quotes (but remember that every time you quote a source directly or paraphrase/summarize it in your own words, you must follow it with an MLA citation). I will be looking for a minimum of one in-text citation for each of your four required sources, and they must also be on your Works Cited page. If something is cited in the paper, it must also be in Works Cited and vice versa.
  • At least one of your sources must be a scholarly article from a scholarly journal. This source cannot be a book review, a short article (only a few pages), or an editorial from a scholarly journal. It must be a lengthy article with a clear description of the author as an expert in the field, and it must include citations, references, or sources.


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