Color Blending Mode Use Photo Restoration And Col

Color Blending Mode Use Photo Restoration And Col

Color Blending Mode Use Photo Restoration And Col

Research and find an image that need restoration and colorization (attached below). Show the “Before” and “After” images and the corrections you have made. The final image should be free from damage and have natural looking color that isn’t too saturated.

How to Arrange Your Before and After Images:

When you are finished with your image go to the top menu under Image>Canvas Size. Change the measurements to percentage and make the width 200%. It may be set to inches or pixels by default. Then change the anchor position so it only adds the empty space to the left of your image by clicking on the middle right space on the anchor grid. This will have the arrows facing to the left side showing that it will add space to the left. Click OK and you will have a space on the left to add your original image.

Now add in your original image. In the top menu pick File>Place Embedded and pick the original file you started with. You should have the new one saved as a .psd, so the original will be the one you downloaded from the internet. Arrange the original image so it fits in the space on the left side and make it the top layer so it isn’t affected by any adjustment layers.

Save as a .jpeg. In the top menu go to File>Save As and pick .jpeg from the “Save as type” option. Pick a value of 10-12 for the quality.

Instructions or Materials to use:


Image: adjustments: Desaturate

Use smart objects: smart filters (dust and scratches only on the background)

See a proper use of the healing brush and spot healer

Have a Layer of Adjustment Layer to adjust something afterwards, if needed

Use clone stamp tool on large areas of white or any other things, if needed

Color the picture: create masks of the different parts you want to color and then color them. You can also find the colors on intrnet. Use swatches.

Use the Color Blending Mode

Use saturation and opacity to make the colors as natural as possible

It took me 1 hour in class to do it. It will take you 2 hours. Enjoy!