Communication Campaign Using Visual University Of

Communication Campaign Using Visual University Of

Communication Campaign Using Visual University Of

For this campaign overview, I’ve already have the draft. And I got the feedbacks from the professor (You can see the side review in the document). All you need to do is adjusting the campaign with the feedbacks and add more content (with proper resources). For now it’s 5 pages long, you should add 3 more pages content.

Campaign Overview
The paper should be double-spaced. Follow APA style.

1. Problem or Opportunity: Describe the problem or opportunity that a communication campaign using visual communication will address. Explain how it formed, who it affects, and where it is occurring.

2. Sponsor: Profile the sponsor, that is, the funder of the communication campaign, providing the name and mission; the sponsor must be an existing organization or individual that has information that you can review online and that can serve as a “client” (cite a main “About Us” page or something similar). Make sure it is clear why they would be interested in sponsoring your campaign (e.g., their mission aligns with your problem or opportunity).

3. Target Audience: Identify 1 primary target audience for the campaign. Explain why this target audience is relevant to your campaign.

4. Behavior: Discuss what you want the primary target audience to do as a result of being exposed to the campaign, limiting yourself to one behavior. For example, perhaps you want a primary target audience of consumers to buy a product, adopt a healthy habit, or vote for a political candidate or referendum. This section should also relate back to the sponsor, in that it should specify why the sponsor would be interested in this.

5. Message Concepts: Describe your “Big Ideas,” that is, three major message concepts. Often these will relate to benefits that one will experience as a result of enacting the behavior, or costs that one can overcome in order to carry out the behavior. These are the ideas that will help motivate your target audience to adopt the behavior. For an example of this, you can re-watch the lecture from the first week of class that overviews the project.

6. Channels: Specify at least 2 types of mass communication channels you will use to disseminate your images. Explain why these are appropriate for your campaign.