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Unfortunately, end of life issues are a concern for each of us at one time or another. Whether it is planning for ourselves or loved ones, we need to consider things like hospice care, DNR orders, living wills, assisted suicide, and euthanasia. Based on what you have studied thus far in this class, what value do you see in end of life preparations? Compare and contrast the benefits and drawbacks of making these types of preparations. Based on the knowledge you’ve acquired related to these issues, what conclusions can you make about your future decisions?


An annotated bibliography demonstrates your ability to read and critically examine articles, books, and other sources of information for their usefulness in relation to the assignment you are completing.
As you may have noticed, not every article you read will be helpful in the writing of your essay. You have to weed out the texts that do not further your research and focus on the texts you will be able to incorporate into your writing.

For this week’s assignment, you are being asked to choose two sources you will use in your portfolio project and create an annotated bibliography.

You will write two paragraphs for each source you have chosen. The first paragraph should include a summary of the article and an assessment of its strengths and weaknesses. The second paragraph should have an explanation of why you chose that article and how it helps to support your research (tell you reader why this article is helpful to you).

Your annotated bibliography should include the proper APA citation for the article. The body of each of source’s annotation should be between 150 and 175 words in length. The citations you provide do not count toward the total word count requirement. Please double space the body of your annotated bibliographies.

For guidance in writing an annotated bibliography, please review these sites:

For specific grading criteria, please review the Annotated Bibliography Grading Rubric.docx

Part 3

This week, we learned about end-of-life issues and the decisions you may face as a healthcare professional.

Find a case study that addresses one of the end-of-life issues we are studying. You could choose an issue of medical intervention, cessation of treatment, or one concerning living wills, health care proxy, or Medical POA. Present your case study and identify the ethical issues it raises. How would you advise a client in a similar situation? What ethical theory best supports your decision?

Find one source from the Virtual Library that supports your ethical position on this case. This source should be from a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal.

In addition, you should respond to three classmates during the learning week. When responding to classmates, it is important to recognize that your ongoing dialog allows you to learn from one another and share ideas on how to make these difficult ethical decisions. My suggestion is to read your classmates’ position, then comment on whether you were persuaded by their choice.

Proofread for proper English, spelling, and grammar.

Part 4

COMPLETE ALL “Protfolio”

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