Course Topic Instructor Writing Question

Course Topic Instructor Writing Question

Course Topic Instructor Writing Question

Assignment Instructions

Below, you will find three sets of questions about Academic Writing, Public Writing, and our Course Theme. Your task is to write a response for each set of questions, for a total of three (3) written responses. For each set of questions, please:

Type a half or full-page, double-spaced response that:

is focused,

is well-organized,

offers compelling details and examples,

illustrates relevance and significance to your own experiences.

Your final product should be between one and a half (1.5) to three (3) pages of double-spaced text, all saved in one document. After you have finished composing, carefully edit and proofread your work. Then, submit your work to Carmen. (Directions for submitting your work can be found below.)

Please save a copy of this writing. You may be asked to review it at the end of the semester.

Getting started

Before you start writing, take the time to read all three sets of questions. You do not have to respond to every single question in each set. You may find one or two questions particularly interesting, and you could focus specifically on those. You could also look at the questions under each heading collectively, considering their overall theme, to help you generate a response. You may find it helpful to do some brainstorming on paper before you begin writing. In the end, you need to generate three separate responses, one for each set of questions.

Academic writing.

What kinds of writing did you do in school before you came to college? What were the goals of this writing? What subjects did you write about? How did reading and research play a role in this writing? What kinds of standards and expectations were presented to you about this writing from your teacher? Were you required to follow certain rules and conventions? What was valued when your teacher graded your writing? Was this writing difficult for you? Was it time consuming? Do you think this writing prepared you for the writing you’ll need to produce in college?

Public writing.

Let’s now consider writing that is produced for a public audience. As a reader, do you follow a particular writer? Do you gravitate toward a certain kind or style of writing? Why do you find this writing compelling? How is this kind of writing different from what you read for school? Have you ever written for a public audience? Who was your primary audience, and where did your writing appear? Was that writing part of a school assignment or activity, or did you write on your own or as part of a community project? How did that writing differ from the academic writing you were asked to do in school? Has anyone ever responded to anything you have written in public? Have you ever written a blog or created a website? Have you ever responded to a blog or posted to a website? What other kinds of social networking media do you use, and for what purpose? Have you ever created a piece of visual or audio composition, like a video, or a comic, a podcast, or a radio show? If you haven’t written for a public audience, how do you think it would be different from the writing you do in school? Do you find the idea of writing for a public audience exciting? Or intimidating?

[Course topic—instructor generated].

What do you already know about {course topic}? What are your initial thoughts about {course topic}? Considering your initial impressions about {course topic}, what do you think you will find interesting? How do you think you might be able to connect {course topic} to your own interests and experiences?