COVID-19 Research: Internship Project

COVID-19 Research: Internship Project

Internship Project

Internship Project

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COVID-19 Research: Internship Project

Assignment Content

Students are required to write a 3500 word project report to summarize the work you completed during your internship. Your report should include the following sections:

  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
  3. Background work (a discussion of three relevant research papers)
  4. Outcome/Results
  5. Discussion/Conclusion


COVID-19 Research

Goals for Internship Project

Project goals (this should be an overall goal with 1-2 specific aims that explain that goal in more detail):

  • To follow the standard operating procedures for sample handling and record keeping of patient’s Nasopharyngeal swab (NPS) samples for the testing of COVID-19.
  • To identify problems that may adversely affect test performance and to take authorized corrective action by following proper quality control policies.
  • To study how to handle potentially contaminated samples and learn how to use a biosafety cabinet.


Professional goals (these should be goals related to the development of the student beyond their technical capacity):

  • One of the professional goals that I planned to achieve from this experience is to gain real life laboratorial skills like specimen handling and documenting.
  • To build my proficient networking circle for future endeavors.
  • To practice effective time management.

Career/Educational Goals (this should detail how the project will help the student in their career or educational goals):

  • This project will help me to further explore concepts that I’ve learned in school more specifically concerned with epidemiology in biotech industries.
  • To develop skills in data collection through database population (LIMS database) and incorporating the computer skills I gained from software and bioinformatic courses in school.
  • To practice aseptic technique.


Research position – Accessioner


  • Learned and followed the established standard operating procedures for sample handling and record keeping. Received and triaged patient specimens for COVID-19 testing.
  • Assigned each specimen with an accession number and creating a patient chart.
  • Entered patient information into the LIMS database by following HIPPA laws.
  • Transported all accessioned specimens to the DNA extraction team and cell culture team, as appropriate.
  • Performed accurate internal verification checks of all specimens accessioned for the day.
  • Adhered to quality control policies and documented all activities.