Culturedeveloping Countriesenvironmentglobal Econo

Culturedeveloping Countriesenvironmentglobal Econo

Culturedeveloping Countriesenvironmentglobal Econo

In our novel, Friday, the Shipstone Corporation is a multinational corporation. It has an effect on a variety of things throughout the story. So, I thought it would be appropriate to take a look at multinational corporations for this essay assignment.

What is a multinational corporation? Well, it’s a business that operates in several countries but has one headquarters in one country. For example, Facebook’s headquarters is in the United States, but it has offices and business locations throughout much of the western world. (As of September 2018, Facebook had offices in at least eleven countries). Obviously, as a social media corporation, Facebook has had an effect on many, many things.

So, what is your assignment? Please write a cause-effect paper that explores the effects of one particular multinational corporation — of your choice — that focuses on one of the following possibilities.

multinational corporations and their effect on:

  • culture
  • developing countries
  • environment
  • global economies
  • sovereignty
  • social norms
  • health
  • food
  • energy
  • politics
  • law
  • science

Again, as an example, McDonald’s is a multinational corporation that has spread it’s version of fast food across the globe. The decor and menu have influenced eating habits, social customs/culture (you can get married in a McDonald’s in Japan for example), health, and spending habits around the world. Please keep in mind that multinational corporations have had both positive and negative effects on each of these topics.

Please choose ONE company. Then explore and explain its effects on ONE of the ideas listed above. (If you have other ideas, please discuss them with me before getting too far into your essay writing). The topics listed above are very broad. You will definitely need to narrow down the scope of your essay in order to write about it in 3-5 pages.

Of course, you will need to use and cite various sources. Please plan on using at least three sources for your essay. The usual formatting applies:

  1. Three to five pages in length.
  2. Plus a Works Cited page.
  3. MLA format.
  4. Work on an outline and draft in class. Have it peer reviewed and then revise it.
  5. Turn in your outline, peer reviewed rough draft, and polished final draft.

That’s it!