Customer Service Plan Computer Systems Institute

Customer Service Plan Computer Systems Institute

Customer Service Plan Computer Systems Institute

Individually, you will be creating a customer service strategy aimed at building and sustaining customer loyalty for your chosen company. You have been hand selected by the CEO to propose a customer service strategy to the Board of Directors for your organization in an effort to convince them that they should adopt your strategy. Your company has been struggling to attract and retain customers. You believe this is due to the lack of focus on customer service.

Once you have finalized the proposal by completing the 3 Capstone Project parts, present your strategy to the class, who will act as your Board of Directors. The overall length of the presentation should be 6-8 minutes.

Part 1(3 paragraphs)

1)Choose a company (fictitious or real) and explain the reasons for your choice.

2)Choose a position and title for yourself within your chosen organization.

3)Decide on the type of business the company is in and write a description of it in your own words. This will help personalize your strategy.

Part 2 (3 Paragraphs)

Answer the following questions (this will lead to your strategy proposal):

1)Who are your external customers? What are their specific needs? Describe at least three.

2)In Chapter 3, you learned about the six customer Fundamental Service Skills.

a.Describe each of the skills.

b.How would improving employee training in these skills improve customer service in your company?

3)In Chapter 4, we discussed using a SWOT analysis to help build a plan for creating an extraordinary customer experience. What are the 4 elements of SWOT and how will you use them to formulate a strategic customer service plan? Focus on the areas of SWOT that would have the strongest impact on customer service (Use this analysis to create a customer service plan).

Part 3 (3 paragraph)

Answer the following questions (this will lead to the completion of your strategy proposal):

1)Develop a policy statement for your employees that describes how your company feels about customer retention.

a.Limit this to 3-4 sentences or bullet points which can be easily remembered and referred to by you and your staff.

b.Begin this statement with “We at (name of your organization) believe that…”

2)Include a general description of actions you will take to retain customers:

a.How will your organization ultimately create customer loyalty as a result of your service strategy? Summarize your overall strategy.

b.Present an action plan for implementing this strategy to include the following:

People involved (leaders, managers, employees, customers, vendors, etc.)

How the plan will be implemented (employee training, feedback from customers, resources needed), etc.