Death Situations Ethics St Petersburg College Pa

Death Situations Ethics St Petersburg College Pa

Death Situations Ethics St Petersburg College Pa

(A)Ethics are fundamental to nursing and all nurses should regard their patients, keep up patients’ nobility and ensure patients’ privileges. They should also create a domain of common trust and regard among patients and healthcare professionals. Patients’ endow their nobility to nurses therefore nurses need to protect their privacy, listen to their concerns and consider their desires concerning the care they need to get. The HIPPA serves as a guide on Patients privacy and nurses are expected to follow it to ensure patient privacy and confidentiality (Finkelman, 2019 p. 185)

(B)Many challenges can arise in the healthcare setting, and HIPAA provides privacy rules for adolescent situations. Sara’s situation can be difficult to analyze; however, based on the privacy rule, the nurse does not have to treat Sara’s mother or father as the personal representative based on the reasonable belief present. Sara states that her father has been committing sexual abuse, and there is a reason why Sara does not want her mother to know. Even though it is unknown why, it is the health care provider’s responsibility to keep Sara’s best interest at mind. The mother may possibly be aware of the abuse, and is not taking action. Confronting Sara’s mother might cause sustainable harm, therefore allowing the licensed health care professional to deny either parent of access to the minor’s protected health information (English & Ford, 2004). Since the child has confronted in the nurse, the nurse must then abide by the school policies and their protocol in regards to reporting child abuse, doing so in good faith.

(C)Center for Ethics and Human Rights is designed to help the nurse make ethical decisions bases on life or death situations (“Ethics”, 2019). In Sara’s case, I would classify this as life or death. The mental trauma that is caused by sexual abuse can cause severe mental health issues for Sara and can potentially result in self harm and even suicide. Based off of my judgement of the situation, benefit for Sara’s well-being, and justice for Sara, I would have to report Sara’s situation to her mother and potentially the law if her mother does not agree. Although Sara does not want her information shared, I think the right ethical decision would be to report her situation for her own benefit. This may leave Sara uneasy at first and maybe even her mother, but it will benefit Sara and her mental health in the end.


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