Demographic Transition Model Population Uaeu The

Demographic Transition Model Population Uaeu The

Demographic Transition Model Population Uaeu The

QUESTION 1 short answer

The Purge ” is a movie and TV series that focuses on a government – sanctioned night in which all crimes are legal . The only rules ( except in one movie ) are that government officials cannot be targeted and weapons above Class – A cannot be used . Failure to comply with these limited rules results in public execution carried out by the party that runs the government , the New Founding Fathers of America .

1. What type of government is being characterized ?

2. Explain why you think this using the information provided above and information from the presentation.

3. Also feel free to look up more on The Purge if you need more details.

Note … there are a number of ‘ correct ‘ answers you can choose , you just have to explain ( in enough detail ) why you think this is the type of government being characterized .

QUESTION 2 essay

The Demographic Transition Model is a model designed to explain how population and population growth changes as that population economically develops. describe each of the five stages of this model.

Make sure you include:

  1. Birth rates and death rates
  2. What is going on with population: growth, decline, or stability
  3. Why this population trend is happening
  4. Examples of places that are in this stage

QUESTION 3 essay

In this module, we have covered developed, developing, and underdeveloped countries quite a bit.

1. Pick which category each of the following countries belong?

  • Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Finland
  • Brazil

2. Next, explain why you chose the category you did for each country.

You have a LOT you can bring in on this, including

  • Stage in the Demographic Transition Model
  • Population growth rate
  • Fertility rates
  • Population pyramids
  • Economic sectors that dominate
  • Types of most imported / exported products
  • Core – Periphery
  • GDP per capita
  • GINI Coefficient Type of government
  • Human Development Index (HDI)