Derogatory Term Mountain Hlss523 Apus Week 4 Ant

Derogatory Term Mountain Hlss523 Apus Week 4 Ant

Derogatory Term Mountain Hlss523 Apus Week 4 Ant

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Respond to Calvin:

First point is, depending which demographic is surveyed, many could foolishly state that the sitting administration is the devil incarnate, just as the last one was a Manchurian candidate / Muslim sympathizer. Neither of these categorizations are true except in the eyes of the beholder. Part of the reason that America has not experienced an extremist party is due to the fact that America is not comprised of the same inhabitants as other nations. America is a nation of immigrants since the early 1600’s. Europe has countries with familial names and regions that extend back to the Roman empire, real native Frenchmen, Germans, and Polish. There are also the migrants, but within reason (save the last four abhorrent years).

America has also not undergone the substandard politics Europe has, which is threatening the very livelihood and structure of those native citizens. A structure that native citizens have built for near two millennia, now to be threatened by unchecked and dangerous migration policies which are upending the status quo and communal harmony. America has also not experienced the dire hopelessness per say, Germany did in the post WWI period. Sure, Americans suffered through the Great Depression, but they weren’t humiliated in addition to that as well as assessed an obscene debt to repay. When times become desperate (extreme), desperate measures are taken.

This was what gave rise to the Nazi party in post WWI Germany. To a lesser and recent extent, it is what gave rise to Hungarian Politicians that staunched the flow of resource sucking, benefit shopping immigrants from North Africa, Syria, Greece, and Afghanistan (still trying to understand that one) from invading their culture to ruinous ends. It is also what has fueled Poland’s stance on foreigners entering their country. Though one can argue whether these stances are “extremist” or just inconvenient to external entities. But this is something Americans do not fathom nor try to.

Americans have not needed to fight for their homes, their way of life, their families in the manner Europeans have this century. Americans have not had to fight with live ammunition, door to door on their street in America to liberate their neighborhood from fascists, communists, or Nazi soldiers. Americans have not had to run out their back doors in the middle of the night as the secret police and the Bolsheviks kicked in the front door. Only to find you and your brother were the only two to link up in the wheat fields and evade to safe lands. Welcome to my family tree. That was my great grandfather and his brother’s story which began them on a 3-month foot evasion out of Prussia and into Germany, then onto America. The Bolsheviks were hunting down and executing former Palace Guards of the last Czar, Nicholas, of which my great grandfather was one. You won’t see that on a commercial.

So, in short, Americans have not suffered through extreme situations on a national level and do not fathom that extreme times require extreme actions. An American minority, in their own minds, have thought this is the case, but they were delusional. Manson and McVeigh are a few members of that group. These were not leaders of the masses in extremis, they were cowards.

Having said that, it is time to determine the two common themes found in almost all militia movements that is a unifying factor. The best way to state the two most compelling factors in militia and terrorist organizations is an identity vacuum and an extreme pressure. The former is caused by an individual’s loss of attachment to a society, or familial group. This type of situation “causes followers to subordinate their individual identity for the cause as articulated by the leader, and gaining a sense of belonging to something greater than themselves” (Post, 2015). The genesis of this could be a variety of issues from a broken home, drugs, ostracization, criminal influences, etc. Some may also use this as an analogy for enlisting in the US Military.

The second factor is the pressing situation. When an individual is pressed, it is usually with a substantial group of peers. Situations such as this manifest from the real and palpable threat of extermination, genocide, mass arrest. More succinctly, “Earl Hopper in his book The Social Unconscious, states that [the oppressed] merger as an escape from annihilation or incohesion. This is particularly appropriate for minorities threatened with annihilation by the dominant state, which I have characterized as identicide. This is exemplified by Ocalan’s forming the PKK, the Kurdish separatist terrorist group, in the face of Ataturk’s attempts to deny the very existence of the Kurdish people and make it illegal to use the Kurdish language, or to even use the name of Kurds, instead using the derogatory term “mountain Turks.” It was a defensive intensification of national identity. The same dynamic was at the root of the attraction of the Basque people threatened with “identicide” by Franco to form the nationalist-separatist terrorist group Euskadi ta Akatasuna (ETA) (Basque Homeland and Freedom” (Post, 2015).

Another pseudo instance of this occurring is in America after the election of the 44th President. As previously stated, Americans have not experienced real, tangible fear en masse, so this instance wraps up the post. When #44 was elected, white supremacists became enraged, but with little to no commensurate growth in their ranks. (Mantel, 2018). However, the number of active militia groups quadrupled between 2008-10 only to be eclipsed by the growth of the sovereign-citizen movement numbers (Mantel, 2018).

In closing, far right extremism in America is a low density, non-coalesced, category of citizenry fueled by a mixture of hate, fear, and ignorance that has a demonstrated capability of sporadic violent and lethal outbursts with no coordinated effort or unified end state. American extremism is tended to by individuals that are searching for an identity, rather than pressed by horrific and unbearable external pressures. The latter descriptor has been experienced in the Middle East and Europe, which commensurately have seen more virulent extremist groups and even far right/left political parties formed independently or from those same groups. Until America as a whole experiences extreme hardship or threat, there will be no nationwide ground swell of extremism to the opposition.


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