Designers Create Professional Looking Website Des

Designers Create Professional Looking Website Des

Designers Create Professional Looking Website Des

My name is Farah Aljamea

I’m student in West Virgina university

Please Use Wix .com

Please create web design and each assignment called ( WeP) put it in a section in WIX

each WeP add a professional photo

Myriad programs are available online and for free that help even non-coders and non-designers create professional looking websites. We will use one in this course that provides template designs for you to choose from that you can then edit and revise for your own use. This means you’re not designing a website from scratch, but it also means you have enough elbow room to alter the design as you see fit to adhere to your own site map and the principles of effective design that you’ve learned and practiced in this course.

Wix is the program I’m referring to. You can start to familiarize yourself with the Wix program whenever you feel comfortable, If you are still nervous about the website creation process, here are some basic traits of Wix that should help put you at ease about the eportfolio design process:

  • You don’t have to download any software. You can access this program and design/edit your site right from your web browser by visiting
  • Your website will be hosted by Wix, meaning you don’t have to purchase a domain name or server space to “house” your website files.
  • It’s free.
  • If you’ve done the prewriting work for your portfolio (e.g., revised your WeP documents, identified all of your artifacts, and saved your files in their final form (WeP documents as PDFs (.pdf) and any necessary graphics as jpegs (.jpg), then all you will have to do once you choose your website template is make necessary changes to the organization of the template to match your site map (e.g., add or delete pages, change navigation bar text, etc.), drop in your web content, and upload your artifacts