Different Categories Receive Different Pace Unive

Different Categories Receive Different Pace Unive

Different Categories Receive Different Pace Unive

There are two parts

1. the first part is to clarify your thought about question,(no less than 200 words)

Here is the question: describe and explain the 3 main theories of stratification described in the chapter: Karl Marx’s theory, Max Weber’s theory and Davis and Moore’s theory (ignore the Erik Olin Wright’s theory). Which one of those 3 do you think offers the best explanation of economic inequality in our society?

Here is the link you can see the 3 main theories: https://youtu.be/cVb0-2CzR14

2.Here is the second part which you need to make a comment about the others thoughts.(no less than 125 words)

Here is the others’ response:

The main tenet of Karl Marx’s theory of stratification is that class is based on one’s relationship to the means of production. A person’s place on the inequality scale depends on whether they are part of the capitalist class, who own the means of production, or the working class, who earn a living by selling their own labor. Max Weber theorized that besides means of production, class divisions also depend on a person’s skills, credentials, or social status. He also states that there are certain “Pariah” groups who will not be given the same opportunities. Finally, Davis and Moore hold that stratification is functional and because certain positions in society require special skills, they should offer greater rewards.

I would say that Davis and Moore’s theory explains our economic inequality in America the best. Our society places certain jobs and people on a higher pedestal based on certain skills and other benefits that have been arbitrarily assigned. For example, there is no logical explanation, in my opinion, as to why reality stars and professional athletes make more money than those necessary workers such as teachers and doctors. In our society, different categories receive different rewards. This seems so deeply ingrained that our system depends on stratification and we are desensitized to the reality of how large the inequalities are.