Discussion Board Forum Please Ashworth College Ex

Discussion Board Forum Please Ashworth College Ex

Discussion Board Forum Please Ashworth College Ex

Explain the characteristics of early Persia and the conflict between Persia and Greece. Discuss the contributions that the Greeks made to Western civilization. Explain how Alexander the Great’s actions changed the ancient world.

In this discussion board forum please pick one topic to use as the basis for your post. Analyze the reasons for the growth of Greece and Persia, and write on the reasons for the conflict between the Greeks and Persians. Or. Discuss the impact of Greek art, science, and philosophical thinking and hypothesize how it impacted the Western World. Or. Deduce how the actions and conquests of Alexander the Great changed the Ancient Wold, be able to support your conclusions with examples.

Which ever topic you choose be able to defend your conclusions by the use of examples.

As an understanding of globalization is modified due to physical expansion and social interaction with different people, the idea of civilization also changes. Following the decline of the Roman Empire, Europeans found that their concepts of globalization and civilization tended to come to them through foreign invasion and trade, rather than because of their expansion outward, as was the case in Roman times. At the same time, concepts of physical and social globalization came to characterize other parts of the Earth: the Americas, Africa, and parts of Asia. With the exception of the Silk Road, which connected the eastern part of the Roman Empire with areas of the Middle East (as Europeans began to call it) and on to the Far East, civilizations emerged relatively independent of others.

Your readings this week’s topic described the rise of civilizations in the Americas and Northern Africa (chapters 6 and 7). Islamic warriors were part of the foreign invasion of the crumbling Roman Empire and ultimately contributed to the emergence of the Byzantine Empire, which attempted to fuse eastern Islamic and western Christian civilizations. Gradually, their concepts of globalization joined–meaning they were aware of each other, while war and trade brought them into more meaningful contact. But, the civilizations that emerged in North, Middle, and South America emerged differently. They were isolated from Europe and Africa by thousands of miles of ocean, and each of these American civilizations carved out their own understanding of globalization.

So, let us look at how the rise of Islam created a globalization and civilization that countered, resisted, and threatened social, economic, political, religious, and other cultural institutions of the old Roman Empire. The two institutional foundations of Islamic society and culture were religion and trade, propped up and expanded by their military. As Romans had expanded throughout the Mediterranean, so practitioners of Islam filled much of the void as the old empire contracted. After several centuries, the powers of Islam had occupied all of Southwest Asia, Eastern Europe, across North Africa, and much of the Iberian Peninsula, spreading their religious beliefs and practices as they traded with those with whom they came into contact. Later, European Crusaders attempted to drive Muslims from the Christian Holy Lands, but to no avail and Islam remained as the dominant religion of these areas for several centuries.

Briefly review what was written in your textbook, and presented in the Power Point lecture notes, about Islamic Civilization, concerning their political institutions, commercial networks, societal relationships, and culture (philosophy and science, literature, and art and architecture). Use examples from these categories to support the observation made in your textbook: “Although the teachings of Muhammad brought war and conquest to much of the known world [globalization], they also brought hope and a sense of political and economic stability to peoples throughout the region.” How did these results of Islamic expansion come to be and interact? What was the impact on pre-Islamic societies and cultures? Be sure to provide specific examples of what you write.

Your response to this initial post should be at least two or three paragraphs in length (at least five sentences per paragraph) and include specific examples to support your opinions. Once you have responded to this post, I will read your response. At that time, I will either provide a follow-up post for your response or direct you to critique another students’ response. Please wait for me to do this before you continue.

Your second response, or critique of another student, should be at least one to two paragraphs and do the following: state what you agree with as to what is written; state what you might not agree with; and, add something else to the discussion. It is expected that you will be on your best netiquette when you respond to either my of other student’s writing.