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Project research

  • Write about vision 2030 and the quality life programe ( I finish this section )
  • Description of the Riyadh projects and their link with vision 2030 and specifity each project ( finish all except 3 project what I mention bellow )

I finish all Riyadh project except bellow :

RCRC who is the authority high commission to manage and work these projects and all projects in Riyadh, this information should be after the life quality programme ( 5-7 pages )

Riyadh Transports Metro and busses ( 10-15 pages )

Diriyadh Historical ( Albujairi + Turaif ) ( 10 pages )

Alqiddiyah ( 5 pages )

  • How they are related “theoretically to the well-being social and psychological well-being for each project “what are the behaviours expected from Riyadh citizens
  • Perceived value of each project by Riyadh citizens
  • What are the factors that explain the possibility of adoption or positive attitude or behaviour of citizens toward the project of Riyadh
  • Prepare methodology, questions, survey: based on the theoretical development (I finish this section ) I need your help to write the analyse and recommendation for the survey question + Figures and tables are required ( 10 pages which it should be as the last part in my research )


APA style

Add in the abstract what I Have your additional information

Fill my Index

write gift page

Sources that can be used:

  • My documents ( Vision 2030 ) ( Riyadh Metro $ Busses )… ( Historical Addiriyah ) ( Qiddiya ) ( RCRC )

  • Academic journalist
  • Books

Riyadh projects is :

Riyadh green ( ( I finish this section )

Riyadh Art ( I finish this section )

King Salman Park ( I finish this section )

Riyadh Almassar ( I finish this section )

missed is :

Riyadh Metro

Diriyadh Historical ( Albujairi + Turaif )


so you have 3 points :

1- Write about RCRC and 3 projects.

2- I will send you the result of the survey question to analyse it and put your analyse with the recomendation

3- Make an executive ppt 15-20 slides about my project

At the end , fill the index and put your additional information in the abstract

I will share my project research when we start