Docx Apply Correct Nhs 8002 Capella University P

Docx Apply Correct Nhs 8002 Capella University P

Docx Apply Correct Nhs 8002 Capella University P

For this assignment, you will bring together all the aspects of leadership that you have examined and discussed in this course to evaluate your own leadership qualities and create a portrait of the health care professional and leader you aspire to be.

Last week, you completed the Leadership Self-Assessment and e-mailed the results to yourself (attached).

Write Your Paper

Write a 6- to 8-page personal leadership portrait in which you address the following:

  • Evaluate your personal approach to health care leadership.
    • Identify the leadership characteristics you already possess.
    • Analyze your strengths and limitations (areas for development).
    • Compare your leadership characteristics with a predominant leadership style and its application to professional practice.
    • Assess other leadership styles you might integrate into your skills repertoire to enhance your effectiveness as a leader and manage change in health care.
  • Explain how your personal approach to health care leadership facilitates interprofessional relationships, community engagement, and change management.
    • Consider interprofessional relationships with staff, community agencies, organizations, and other stakeholders.
    • Identify your strengths and weaknesses related to interprofessional relationships, community engagement, and change management.
    • Evaluate best practices for interprofessional communications, and compare your communication skills and attributes to those best practices.
  • Explain how ethical leadership principles can be applied to professional practice.
    • Identify the relevant ethical leadership principles for your discipline (public health, health administration, or nursing).
    • Evaluate best practices for developing an ethical culture in the workplace.
  • Explain how health care leaders can address diversity and inclusion.
    • What do diversity and inclusion mean to you within the context of population health?
    • Explain the importance of diversity and inclusion to effective leadership.
      • For example, cultivating good employee and community relations.
    • How does an effective leader develop a diverse and inclusive workplace (strategies, best practices)?
    • How do diversity and inclusion contribute to health care quality and service to the community?
    • What best practices would you recommend to address issues of diversity and inclusion?
  • Explain how scholar-practitioners contribute to leadership and professional development in the field of health care.
    • Define scholar-practitioner, in your own words.
    • Explain the importance of critical thinking to scholar-practitioners.
    • Evaluate the influence of scholar-practitioners on health care leadership and professional development.
    • Explain the importance of scholar-practitioners to professional practice. Consider their value in:
      • Expanding the knowledge base.
      • Applying new and existing knowledge, research, and scholarship to solve real-world problems.
      • Improving health care quality and safety.

Note: You may use the Week 9 Assignment Example [PDF] to give you an idea of what a Proficient or higher rating on the scoring guide would look like. Writing in the third person is customary in academic writing; however, for this assignment, you should write in the first person.

Academic Requirements

Your academic writing is expected to conform to the following requirements:

  • Writing: Organize content so ideas flow logically with smooth transitions.
    • Proofread your writing to avoid errors that could distract readers and make it more difficult for them to focus on the substance of your evaluation.
  • Formatting: Apply APA style and formatting to scholarly writing. Use the APA Style Paper Template [DOCX].
    • Apply correct APA formatting to your document, including headers, headings, spacing, and margins. (An abstract is not required.)
    • Apply correct APA formatting to all source citations.
    • An APA Style Paper Tutorial [DOCX] is also provided to help you in writing and formatting your leadership portrait.
  • Length: Your leadership portrait should be 6–8 double-spaced pages in length, not including the title page and references page.
  • References: Cite at least four credible sources from peer-reviewed journals, other scholarly sources, professional industry publications, and assigned readings to support your assessment and analysis.