ECON (211) Research Project

ECON (211) Research Project

9.2 - Discussion: Developing a Strategic Growth Plan

ECON (211) Research Project

Review the information in all five sections to learn about your requirements for this ECON (211) Research Project


Topic –  Choose an economic-related topic that interests you most; do not move forward until you receive instructor approval for your topic. Examine your topic from any perspective or lens that interests you: historical, scientific, technological, engineering, or mathematical.

Sources – Support your research topic and the perspective or lens (historical, scientific, technological, engineering, or mathematical) through credible sources in your reference page. You must include at least two primary and two secondary sources. Try to find sources that truly interest you. Sources must contain credible information, data, facts, etc., on your subject. You may use encyclopedias to aid in the discovery of your topic; however, encyclopedias will not be considered an approved source of information in the development of your paper. When conducting research, keep in mind that primary sources are first-person accounts, and secondary sources are written by people who did not witness/participate in the event. An excellent place to begin research is through the Hunt Library databases and research guides.Links to an external site. Note:Investopedia and Wikipedia do not count as credible resources!

Research Question, Thesis Statement, and Paper – You will develop a six- to eight-page (current APA Style) research paper. Develop your topic into one clear concise research question and create a thesis statement. Compile your (one) question, thesis statement, and research into a written four- to six-page written paper. You must also include a title page and reference page in the six- to eight- pages of your research paper. You can write from any perspective or lens that interests you: historical, scientific, technological, engineering, or mathematical. This research paper must include the following elements:

  1. Title-page
  2. Body (four- to six- pages)
  • Introduction – Tells the reader what you are going to write about and includes your thesis statement. Be sure to make it interesting so the reader will want to continue and read the rest of your work.
  • Body of the Paper – Goes through each point you want to illustrate by providing your ideas and your research about the topic. Be sure you write an opening sentence for each paragraph that will draw your reader into your idea or point.
  • Conclusion/Summary – Reminds the reader what you wrote about in your work. It is similar to the introduction but with a concluding statement.
  1. Reference page

Review the Research Paper Rubric in Module 8 Assignment: Research Paper Checkpoint: Final Submission and use the rubric as a guide when developing your paper.

Contact your instructor well in advance of this assignment deadline if you need assistance or experience any challenges.

Please proceed to the Checkpoints/Important Deliverables section.


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